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What does it mean to dream that you got bit by a snake

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To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-that-you-got-bit-by-a-snake ]
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What does it mean when you dream that you got bitten by a snake o...?
A man dreaming like this is suffering of 'Ophidiophobia'. Yes, this is a term denoting fear of snake. Was this information sufficient please let me know. I wouldn't say that is necessarily a fear of snakes more a dream that needs interpreti...
What does it mean to get bit by a snake in your dreams??
It can depend on the context of the dream, but often times being bitten by a snake can signify hidden fears or worries. There may be something in your life that is about to happen that you are not yet aware of that your subconscious mind is...
What does it mean when you get bit by a snake three times in a dr...?
it means your computer will catch on fire in 3 days X-P the sub consceince is a funny thing- it can take any interaction with anything even snake like, you could not even remember watching a show with a snake on it but if you want the fancy...

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I got bit by a snake in my dream. Does anyone know what that symbolizes?
Q: I had a dream that i was bit by a snake on my hand. It was so real i could feel the pain and I could feel the rush of the poisens and I could feel the blood run down my hand. What could this dream mean if anything? I don't think it could mean anything good.
A: snake = fearbeing bitten = being criticized.Maybe you have been criticized lately, and subconsciously you feel bad about it. Projecting being bitten by snake could mean thatn you are hurt by some words you don't like to hear. Blood run down from your hand symbolize pain from within. In other words, there are things that you can't tolerate and dreaming is only way to vent out your feeling.Of course, if you have some sort of physical problem, that may trigger you dream of being bitten.
What does it mean when a relative has been bit by a snake in your dream, and you witnessed it?
Q: I had a dream about my younger brother. I was driving him to a friends house and he was about 11 years old. Mind you he is 22 years old right now. In the dream I was my age, 24. I dropped him off and was backing the car out of the drive way. As I looked up he was kneeling to the ground playing with a rattle snake. I tried to get out the car, but the doors would not open nor would the windows roll down. The snake circled him a few times and then struck him in the back. He got up and ran to the car and the doors and windows finally opened for me. I asked him if it hurt and he said no he couldn't feel anything. I looked at his back and sure enough he had to fang marks on his back. Can anyone tell me what this means?
A: I think it means that someone he likes is about to harm or hurt him in some way and that you want to prevent this but you ae powerless to help even though you know what is going on. In other words ---he is 'playing with fire' and it weill burn him and you can not prevent it.
What does a dream about being bitten by a snake mean?
Q: During my dream I was sleeping then I woke up and I felt something on me leg then I lifted the covers and saw a snake crawling up my stomach towards my head (i think it was black i cant remember well it was dark)then I grabbed it i was holding it by the head then i got distracted and then it bit me on the tip of my finger at first I laughed then i got scared and woke up. it happened around 3:00 am.
A: Snakes often represent something of a deceitful nature which is trying to deceive you. Grabbing the snake by the head represents you trying to get a hold or grip on the issue. But being bit by the snake represent you falling under the influence of the deception. Your reaction saying that you laughed at first and then became scared represents you looking at a situation as if is was nothing, but then issue over powered you with fear. Okay, that's what your dream means.

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