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What does it mean to dream poop

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To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-poop ]
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What does it mean to dream about poop?
Hm. Maybe that's a sign that you need to go and take a crap?
What does it mean to dream of alot of poop?
It Means you have a serious addiction to it and you should eat it!
What does caw poop mean in your dream?
Do you mean cow poop, aka manure? I don't normally do this, but here is a dreammoods definition for you.... Manure To�see manure in your dream, suggests that you are learning from past experiences. You are drawing from those experiences an...

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What does mean to dream with poop?
Q: I know it's disgusting but a few nights ago I was dreamed that I went into a bathroom and it was full of poop and I got covered in it and had to clean it up. What does this mean, before that I was dreaming with this guy I have a crush on and can't stop thinking about, but the problem in I'm married.
A: You need to take control.
What does this dream mean [poop]?
Q: Okay, yup its me with another dream! Lol I think Ive posted about 3 dream questions already. But here goes another one. [p.s. If you are disgusted easily, please do not read] Please, no rude answers. ThanksOkay, So I was in the restroom actually pooping. And a bunch of kids kept coming in and leaving the door open. and I would yell at them "Shut the door" and insulting them to see if they would shut the door like "Shut the door or I will put my foot up your ass" [But that's weird cause in real life I don't insult, say bad words, especially to kids!!] After I was done [pooping] I pulled my pants up, and THEN I saw an adult. After I pulled my pants. But then I remember closing the door and thinking that I had to clean the restroom cause the toilet was filled with poop and water, and the floor was messy of muddy shoe prints from all of the kids. So I started to scrub the toilet with a brush and cleaning powder [e.g. Ajax, etc.] That's where my dream ended. Oh by the way, I had never seen these kids. EXCEPT for one. Its this little kid about 10 and he lives on the other side of the neighborhood park. I see him every afternoon when I exercise. What could my dream signify?? Thanks in the mean time. =)
A: In my culture, this dream means a lot money.. congratulations.
Does the presence of poop in a dream mean money in any other culture?
Q: In Greece, if we see sh*t in our dream, taditionally it is supposed to mean that we will get some money soon. I don't really believe in these things, but somehow it has worked for me many times (lol). Is it the same in any other tradition?
A: YES ! I am South African and my mother also believes in that ! I don't know where it came from ! It certainly has got nothing to do with our believes or culture.Wierd ,very wierd !

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