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What does holding hands symbolize in a dream

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To dream that you are holding hands with someone, represents your connection with that person. Your dream may also..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-holding-hands-symbolize-in-a-dream ]
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What does my dream about holding hands mean?
If you felt the warmth on your hand you might have been lying on your hand as you slept, or somehow keeping it warm. The dream could mean that your subconscious is pushing through a want for affection or friendship, and the people involved ...
What does a dream about holding hands with a crush mean ??
well this sounds like you are still liking him maybe call him and explain to him you want to forget everything that has happened and you want to go back to being friends and then explain how you feel about him and how you have been feeling ...
What does it mean to dream about holding hands with your soulmate...?
That is the person for you.... but how do you know that is your soulmate?

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dream-holding my problems in my hands.?
Q: I was wondering if anyone had any in site on this dream I had last night. I was in the car with my girlfriend and her mom (I could not see her mom, but I knew she was there.) and I was driving to school. (I am no longer in school in real life.) and instead of driving to school I drove to a graveyard (where in real life my girlfriends best friend, and father are buried) and my girlfriend gets out of the car and says "what are we doing here?" you could tell she was upset. she says... "Lisa and Dad are going to be mad that we are here, they don't want us here all the time, only once every couple months. (Lisa and her dad have past away.) and Im holding my hands out to her and there are little white dots jumping out of my hands. Real sparkly... and I tell her. I have come to lay my problems down to rest. I need to let go of my problems. (The white dots in my hands symbolized my problems) Behind my girlfriend was a swing set made fully of stone, and my attention was mostly on that. And you could hear my girlfriends mom in the backround saying "why did she bring us here?" Then I woke up... What do you think this means?
A: It seems pretty self-explanatory to me. You need to learn to let go of stress and worry and a problem-oriented mentality and embrace a more carefree approach to life.
What could this dream symbolize?
Q: What do you think this dream means? I had it a few nights ago but it's still bothering me.When I saw " I " or " you " I'm referring to my friend.This friend is someone close to me that I haven't seen in 4 months yet we still talk every week or so. I used to like her. :)(and yes, I am a girl. Please don't judge)----------------------------------------Last night I dreamt that you were in trouble and you really needed someone. I began to realize I was the only other person there. And as I watched you cry, I reached out my hand and grabbed yours and held it.It was all you needed, it was all I could do to help.As I sat there, watching you cry,There was this soft glow that started from my heart to my fingers, and it went to yours and into your heart.It seemed to help a little, but you still cried.You cried and I sat there silent, watching, and simply held your hand. I couldn't move. I wanted to but I was unable to move.I don't know what it means.But when I woke up I was honestly scared.I thought you were hurt.
A: You still like her, and your afraid to let her go.
I had this dream where there was this random cute guy and we were walking insync with one another beside by?
Q: side. When we were walking, our hands were very close but they weren't touching. My dad was walking behind us and my dad said something about that guy should hold my hand and my dad put the guys hand in mine. The guy continued to hold my hand as we walked and then he laid his head against mine and then I laid my head against his. What does this dream symbolize, or mean?I also linked my arms with the guy.
A: if u know this guy in reality then he wants to go out with u and ur parent willl approve this "GUY" to going out with u!!!!!omg i hope u guys get hooked up!! sry im that kind of girl!!

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