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What can i do to calm my nerves down

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In order to stay healthy and happy, you must eliminate undue stress and calm your nerves. Try practicing relaxation techniques. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-calm-my-nerves-down ]
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How can i calm my nerves down?
are you perhaps expecting too much from yourself? everybody gets nervous, and everybody gets butterflies in their stomach, or sweaty palms, stuff like that. its a common human reaction to stress, maybe you are being a bit hard on yoursel...
How do you calm down nerves?
Classical music. Honestly, it works. Of course, you would have to be able to listen to it, I can imagine most people would gag at the mention of classical music. But from an experiment I did when I first worked in the office I currently wor...
Does Xanax calm your nerves down?
Xanax is great for anxiety. It is addictive so use it carefully, but great for short-term help.

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How can I calm my nerves down before a horse show?
Q: Im doing a show soon and im really nerves because I'm jumping higher in this show then I did last year. So I cant remember how I calmed my nerves down before. So what are some good tips for calming your nerves down. Also i lost my list of stuff i need for the show because its off property and i think im forgetting something. So plez help me calm my nerves down and find out what i need for the off property show
A: The way I did this is that I did not go into the class to BEAT anyone else in the class I decided that I would go in and RIDE MY HORSE as best I could and if the judges liked what they saw then fine but if they did not chose me then I still won because I gave the best ride that I could and my horse worked as well as I could get him to work.
How can i calm my nerves down?
Q: Hi everytime i do my drivingg tests my heart pounds soo hard and i get to nervous so nervous because i want to get my lisence and pass, but unfortunuatly i have failed because of them. i had just tried to visualse me b4 the test and started singing in the moment and i found that when i sand lo tones it sort of soothed the nerves. Now can this help? and are there more tips on how to calm myself down please.
A: The first thing is to do when you get into the car make sure that you buckle up,then relax your mind and pray to God and ask him for his help. Do not look at the instructor while you begin to drive.The next step is inhale and exhale about 3or 4times with out him knowing. Then prepare your self to drive and listen to every word that is said. Don't get anxious just keep your mind on the road and the cars on your left side,right side,in front of you and behind you and watch out for cars that fly in front of you. If you do this I am sure that you will pass the test. You can do this and yes I have drove a car before and I did pass the test. You will be alright .
Are there any foods to eat to calm nerves down?
Q: Hello! I am taking my driver's test this Wednesday and I was wondering are there any kinds of foods that I can eat that will somewhat control my nerves. Because I know my nerves will be a mess that day, and I want to control it but it's kind of out of control!!! Is there? please help! thanks!
A: Drink some tea and eat some mints. Also try chewing minty gum because it can keep your mind off of the driver's test. Good luck!

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