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How do you overcome anger

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Look Up! -The fastest way to change negative feelings is by changing our physical position right away. The easiest way MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-overcome-anger ]
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There is nothing wrong with getting angry, anger is just an emotional response. Many good things that has ever happened in history, democracy, human rights, the end of slavery, etc. all happened becasue somebody saw something bad happening,...
Summary: Overcoming anger in yourself and others. Learn the types of anger; improve yourself and get control of anger in this free video clip.
One of the toughest things to do is to go head to head with anger. So don't. All you need are ways to cope with the problems that happen that make you angriest. So figure out what they are. Figure out what you can do. And don't let the answ...

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How to overcome anger when you are greeting someone you HATE at work and pretend all is nice and dandy?
Q: I really hate this one girl who has major attitude problems whom I know talks about me behind my back, she never ever says hello to me, I start my shift after her and always feel awkward when I dont say hello to her.How to overcome the anger and the awkwardness of this situation?
A: You have already uncovered the reason for your anger, which is important. You are angry because you feel she gossips about you behind your back. Anger can be used to create change that is positive, if you focus on what you can do to change the situation. You can try several approaches: You can say "hi" to her. You can confront her about the gossip. You can continue to ignore her. I would go with the step that brings resolve to my anger. Envision yourself having done each and imagine which makes you feel the most at peace.
How can a diabetic overcome anger?
Q: How can a diabetic overcome anger? I have alweays been an angry person. Diabetes has increased my anger, despite the fact that I take the drugs prescribed , exercise and keep my diet aunder more or less good control. GHow to overcome attacks of wrath?
A: There is a whole science out there for people who are angry about chronic disease.You have every right to be angry. My guess is that most of us were when we were dxed.Read about it, go to a therapist and give yourself credit for taking good care of yourself.
How do you overcome anger issues without therapy?
Q: I have bad anger probs. For example, i get super mad when i pluck my eyebrows because i wont get a hair on the first pluck. And it isn't like a little "ugh!" either. I feel a crazy fire in my stomach and i cant really avoid it.But its starting to hurt my bod, i just know it. And it's not helping my life or relationship at all. So any advice would really be great! thank you :]
A: You may want to check out the self-help section at the book store or library for some books. But, you could try meditation...since it sounds like just about anything can cause you to be angry, you might want to do it when you wake in the morning, again in the afternoon, and then in the evening, too for a while. It doesn't have to be some long meditative session that drones on for an hour - 10 minutes should help. You can also incorporate some yoga in with it. Feeling physically flexible helps my whole attitude, and it may help you, too. When all else fails, close your eyes...count to 10 and breathe deeply in and out. I had to learn these (and other) relaxation techniques for my anxiety, but they may prove useful for your anger, as well.

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