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Can pathological liars ever change

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Pathological liars statistically never change their ways; they are "pathologically" that way. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-pathological-liars-ever-change ]
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Can pathological liars change?
Not in my experience. When I'm around people that lie a lot, I just let them talk, but I know that what they're saying isn't the truth. It really doesn't make sense to call them out because they'll just deny lying.
Can a pathological liar change his ways?
No. Everything you need to know about this man is in these sentences that you wrote: "He said that his been doing it again and again since he was a kid and would get away with it. He is not sure of himself and he said he can't promise ...
What would change this pathological liar and cheater? a woman-or ...?
He already has the next girlfriends lined up. A very few men do actually live this way and they are basically con artists. He will in all likelihood live the rest of his life this way until he gets too old and then one lone, doggedly loyal ...

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Is it true that you can't change a pathological liar?
Q: I mean in a romantic relationship, especially- -And if you ever had an experience with one- details and mature answers preferred!!!!
A: Is the person truly a pathological liar or merely a chronic liar? Besides, you can't change anyone else, but yourself. Another person has to choose for him/herself to change. Do they? Sometimes not. I hear 'they' claim a person's personality and behavior is pretty set by age 12.
Is it ever a good idea to confront a pathological liar with his/her lies?
Q: i have filed for divorce from a man who basically "stole" my love early in the relationship with stories of war heroism, war injuries, and many, many other detailed and emotional-filled lies. i had so much love, compassion and respect for this man..married him, allowed him to adopt my 9 year old son and thought we had a great future ahead...it turns out that i discovered 4 years into the marriage that every single one of these stories were complete fabrications...no war injuries (the scars were from childhood surgeries..per his sister), no overseas service (his dd214) no medals (dd214) no combat, wasn't a navy seal...the list goes on and on--from his cosmetic surgeries he tried to pass off as "fight wounds" to "he wrote buddy holly's first song." i'm getting sick just writing about it....question: even though we've been separated for 1 year and a half, i've never been able to really confront him with all of this because a part of me fears that he's so deeply entrenched in his own reality that he sort of actually believes this stuff...the divorce will be final in about 8 weeks, but my frustration and anger level seems to rise every time i see navy seals on tv or listen to him complain about his resentments towards me...i feel that my hands are tied. should i confront him, let my anger out, and force him to face this garbage OR should i just let it all go, realizing that nothing will change anyway and that it might inflame him to do something very irrational and hate-filled towards me?even though i found out the truth over a 1 1/2 year ago, the shock has been unbelievable, and i've had to take a lot of time to work through this. i'm just now to the point of extreme frustration and anger for misleading me with who he is and robbing me of these years. what kind of person would do this???
A: No its not worth it. Look at it this way, none of those lies matter anymore, he doesn't matter anymore, hes not your problem anymore. You don't have to argue with him anymore hes not your husband anymore. You don't even have to feel anything for him anymore. If you insist, feel sorry for the guy for having to have to lie in order to cover up his pathetic life, kinda like you would for a drunken bum on the street but less.
Can a bad guy change? Please read?
Q: Ok this will be a lot to take in and I know what people will probably say.. but just throwing it out there.I dated a guy for 2 years... and we've been broken up a year and a half and I STILL cry over him. It kinda ended with no closure and he has tried to contact me but I don't want contact with him because he hurt me really bad and he may be a pathological liar.Basically..I gave a bad guy a chance. my friends and family thought he was bad for me. He lied to me, cheated on me, and stole from me, also couldn't keep a job because of a record.I know it all sounds so bad but there is one thing my friends and family cannot contest. He LOVED me. More than anyone has ever loved me and I loved him just the same. Just never trusted him because of drama and jealousy.I have no doubt in the world I meant the world to him and he probably still cries over me too. I made him a better person in so many ways. could a guy like this ever change? could love make him a better guy?I try to get over him..I dated a guy for like 6 months and tried to date a few others. no one compares personality wise, and that bond we had. No matter what bad I said about him... we had a very special bond.putting this in writing and into prospective I should ask myself why I would even consider this?But as Pekau stated.. he would embrace me, not a doubt in my mind. And I would definitely before even think of dating him again..make him seek counseling, god, and have a real straight path for quite some time.I'm not even saying I would date it. I have been so against even talking to him the last year and a half. But the fact is..I still love him, and what he did to me still hurts me :(
A: Well, I'd give him a chance if you truly loved him and cared about the "special relationship". It's obvious that other relationships aren't working out for you anyway.First question you'll face is whether he will embrace you back. From what you are telling me, it sounds like he will... but you never know. Scenario #1: He is sincerely in love with youIf he does, now you should ask if he can change for you. If he really loved you and know that he's actions were irresponsible, then it should be possible for him to change for the better. Mind you, it won't change in a day. Old habits die hard, and he needs to make genuine effort and outside help. He should ask for appropriate help, whether it be his close friends, counselors, etc. (Because if he lies and steals from you, there's a high chance that he does that to others as well) Set a firm rules and consequences should he fail to discipline himself, but do not mock him or make satirical speech... simply acknowledge and tell him that he made a mistake... and gently encourage him for his desperate cause. As a man, that is very touching... even if they are too proud to admit it. You folks love each other, and you seem to know that that kind of relationship is the most important thing in your life. If he's serious about it as well, (You need to know this as a fact, and not just your emotionally biased view) you know that you must do everything you can to preserve that kind of relations.Religious help can be useful as well. In the 21st century, it shouldn't be too difficult to find relatively tolerant and reasonable religious organizations. Spiritual help, for some, can be amazingly efficient for those who are trying to change their life for better. #2: He may be fond of you, but he's not willing to change for you... or he's not making any effortSorry to say, it is his sole right to change for you or not. If he cannot change for your sake (Unless it's illegal or immoral) you need to embrace yourself and move on. You deserve better. Good luck.

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