Why You Should Consider Woven Labels for Your Furniture Creations?

by on February 12th, 2011
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Have you ever noticed the labels that are located on the bottom or the sides of furniture? For many, this is something that may not be that interesting but for others, there is a whole other world out there that really pays attention to furniture labels. For example, just as there is designer clothing, there is designer furniture, and each of these items will carry a certain type of label. But what does a furniture label really mean to a piece of furniture or to the person that has bought it? A lot! Below you will discover why furniture labels are so important, and why a person should pay more attention to these labels in general.

Why are labels for furniture so important?

Labels can be found on all types of furniture whether you’re buying mattresses, chairs, cushions or beds or even upholstery pieces to name a few. The fact is each and every type of furniture will have some kind of label attached. This label will provide information about the manufacturer who created this piece of furniture, as well as some of the characteristics that have gone into making it. One of the most fascinating things about labels is that they can even tell a story about that particular piece of furniture for years to come. Just as a piece of art has the designer’s name written somewhere on it, a piece of furniture will also have a label on it that will tell someone exactly where it was manufactured and who manufactured it.

Why furniture woven labels?

Labels are valuable because they brand a piece of furniture with important information about the manufacture. Woven labels for furniture are quite popular because of their quality, the amount of detail they allow you to have and their handcrafted look. They can be found either sewn or ironed on at the bottom of chairs or sofas and they provide a wealth of information about that particular product. If you are a furniture designer you can even include in your custom-made woven labels information about how many pieces of that specific design were created. When talking about furniture and decorative pieces, many people is attracted to find unique or distinctive pieces, therefore, if you include in your label that your creation is the only one of its kind or that it is part of a limited edition, your furniture piece may become more appealing and why not you can price it higher.

In Summary

If you create or manufacture furniture pieces and you want to add a professional touch to your creations and promote your brand name or business at the same time, you should consider attaching custom woven labels to your creations. You might be surprised on how popular they really are and how many designers are already taking full advantage of this very effective advertising tool.

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