The Temptations: Introducing Damon Harris

by on March 8th, 2015
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The Seventies Temptations or “Classic Five II” that contained Dennis Edwards, Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams, Richard Street, and the man called Otis Harris Jr. Who’s better known to the Temptations, simply as Damon Harris? To true diehard fans, of this group they have high regards to the man that many professed with glee sounds like the man he replaced Mr. Eddie Kendricks.

In fact, he sounds better than Kendricks basically, by the facts that Kendricks never truly sung in his true voice but, he layed down the foundation sound that made the Temptations stand out over the other vocalists. Which was inherited, by Damon Harris, the moment he became a member. If you visit “The Temptations Live In Paris” with this Classic Five II line up you begin to see why these guys step wise could matched the Classic Five line up, of the sixties?

If, you close your eyes you be shocked that Harris could mimic the sound, of his predecessor. On “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” he sealed his reputation and, on “Superstar” he cemented it further,as a member of the seventies group. Even, with his version, of trained veterans, of his Temptations tribute group , he keeps Kendricks memories alive in concert. We very aware when they recorded “Standing On The Top” in the eighties, with Rick James during the Reunion Tour” that he wasn’t rightly honor. Which probably stand, as blame to he one man that keeps terminating members, from his group. So, he won’t be mention in this article, of respect to Damon Harris.

Vist many internet sites and you witness that Harris appeared on many top shows during his time, in the Classic Two version as, the original members, of “My Girl” blended in greatly we swee the same with them. Obviously, if you listen to “Heavenly” By the Temptations, you’ll find it hard not to admit that Richard Street and Damon Harris compliment one another to earn their spot. As TEMPTATIONS FOREVER!

Sure others has followed him, as the primary falsetta/tenor, within the Temptations. The only problem is Damon Harris was the best choice selection during the days, when Eddie Kendricks decided to move on.

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