Serenity Comes Only with Surrender

by on January 5th, 2011
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You flung me on your clarifying pyre
where old wounds burn away and form melts down
so lucid light can shine through stayed desire 

and tranquil smile replace my fretful frown.
Like sculptor wielding chisel without tire,
you chipped my burdens till their weight had flown;
then piqued my consciousness a whisper higher-
and laughed to see how grateful I had grown.

One day you sent me out into the field
to live and serve, a humble instrument
for patients who must grapple with congealed
despair, intent to help them be content.
With trust, eternal light shall be revealed,
for loss and sorrow serve as complement
to joy. The soul’s complaints are only healed
when we accept that all is heaven sent.

I see, now that you’ve made my heart so tender,
serenity comes only with surrender.

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