Interview with Top Rope Promotions Manager Adorable Gene Joseph

by on November 26th, 2014
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On October 7th, 2011, “Adorable” Gene Joseph will be wrestling “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni. The loser of the match will be forced to wear a dress in front of the Fall River Faithful. I was able to catch up with Gene Joseph to talk to him about his match with Gino, as well as numerous other topics. Hope you enjoy.

Q: Thank you Gene, for taking the time to do this interview
A: Well it’s about time a member of The Freakshow gets a little bit of attention. Your welcome!

Q: When did you become a fan of pro wrestling?
A: Well I first became a wrestling fan back in the mid 80s when I caught shows like WWF Challenge, Superstars, and WCW Saturday night’s main event at 6:05 on TBS. Back then most kids were more fans of the WWF but I was drawn to do WCW for some reason. I had sneak down to the basement watch wrestling because my foster parents where dead set against it. That was part of the attraction I suppose.

Q: Could you give the readers a little background on yourself. When and where you started? If, as a manager, you got formal wrestling training?
A: In the mid 90s, my friend and I had a cable access show that covered all of wrestling. It was pretty popular but what happened was we got in trouble for showing WWF footage without permission. So we just started following independent wrestling shows. I made contact with YPW first in 1998, doing ring crew and backstage interviews. By the time 2003 rolled around, I asked Steve and Joe for an opportunity become a full time member of YPW and SCCW. I later trained with Brickhouse Baker and Sweet Scott Ashworth. During that time I was doing ringside security and ring crew. Then out of nowhere I became a ring annoucer. Soon after I became the manager for “The Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards and a few others over the years. The one thing that the fans may not know is everybody I’ve managed in this company has been a champion.

Q: Your the manager of the current TRP tag team champions, The Freakshow. How did The Freakshow come about?
A: The Freakshow was born by accident but for a purpose. We are four very different people but with one goal to succeed. We got together because our pride and loyalty were being questioned by the very company that we love. We are prisoners of wrestling. We are prisoners of what we love. We’ve been held back because of what we are and who we are. So now we fight back so we can succeed.

Q: You have a long history with Gino Giovanni, your opponent for October 7th. Can you give us some information about the history between you two.
A: Gino Giovanni is another classic example of people disrespecting The Freakshow. He wants to make fun of our lifestyles, our looks, our age. Whatever the case may be. So come October 7th, I’m gonna humiliate Gino Giovanni by making him wear a dress. He wants to call into question my sexuality… he’s going to be the bitch.

Q: On October 7th, the loser of your match will wear a dress. Are you prepared to wear a dress in front of the Fall River Faithful?
A: I wouldn’t be one of the best managers in TRP history if I wasn’t prepared. I’ve been training hard. I’ve been saying my prayers, taking my vitamins, and watching Elton John videos on YouTube. I am so prepared for this its unbelievable. I even have picked out Ginos dress!

Q: You started with Yankee Pro Wrestling and South Coast Championship Wrestling. Who were some of your inspirations during that time?
A: Stevie Sky, Redemption, Big Daddy Bravo, Colossus, GQ Smooth, Andy Jaxx, ironically Gino Giovanni, and Heavenly Johnny Angel.

Q: There are a lot of stories about shows and attendance of those shows. Were they as good as people remember them? Or is it a matter of selective memory?
A: Hmm good shows for the time. I have to be honest and say its selective memory. The talent is different. Talent being the key word . You see Top Rope Promotions became more then your buddies wrestling promotions. Thats what Yankee Pro Wrestling was. Don’t get me wrong I had fun and I enjoyed it. I was a fan and I was a part of it, but it doesn’t touch the level of talent Top Rope Promotions has today. We had terrific times back then but today because of a lot of peoples hard and unbelievable talent, we have been on mainstream media multiple times. And had bigger venues, bigger paying crowds and bigger stars. I’m just ones of the lucky ones to able to be here through the transition. I wish those who are bitter could really see how far Top Rope Promotions has grown and will continue do so.

Q: What would you say are the differences between YPW/SCCW and Top Rope Promotions?
A: Talent, standards and work ethic.

Q: Who has inspired you as a manager?
A: Bobby Heenan and Paul Heyman.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: To bring every piece of TRP gold to The Freakshow.

Q: The 8 man Kowalski Cup Tournament will also take place on October 7th. Who is your pick to win the tournament?
A: My friend The Ladies Man or Mike Bennett.

Q: Any memories of Killer Kowalski? Did you get a chance to meet him?
A: I met him at a couple shows in the past. He was a really nice guy. The one thing I remember most about him is he was a genuinely good person. At one of our shows, I wanna say it was the summer showdown or even maybe the first a Kowalski Cup, he flipped the camera off as a joke to the get cameraman man laughing. And he really enjoyed the sport. I personally didn’t get to spend much time with him unfortunately. But he was more than willing to talk with younger guys and help where he could. He was a great man.

Q: I’d like to do some word association if you would be okay with that. I’ll name someone from New England and you just give me their opinion of them.
A: Awesome.

Q: Steve Ricard.
A: Driven.

Q: Joe Eugenio.
A: The Godfather.

Q: The Freakshow.
A: Family.

Q: Marshal McNeil.
A: Copacabana.

Q: The Ladies Man Gregory Edwards.
A: Winner.

Q: Matt Taven.
A: Money.

Q: Gino Giovanni
A: Dress.

Q: Thank you for your time Gene. Is there anything you’d like to leave us with?
A: You’re welcome. I’m getting paid for this, right ?

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