Insider Secrets to Finding Grocery Bargains

by on August 30th, 2010
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The hunt is on for bargains at the grocery store so we can feed out families on tight budgets. But where are the best places to look and how do we score the best bargains? Read these insiders secrets and learn to find your own grocery bargains.

Look Beyond the Grocery Store Sales Circular

Most grocery stores have twice as many items on sale as those which are listed in the sales circular. Go to the stores websites to discover the unadvertised sales and keep your eyes open for special sales while in the store.

Group Deals

To entice you to buy more, some grocery stores offer special sale prices on selected food items if you buy 10 of the same product, like 10 cans of soup, then you’ll receive a $5 coupon at the register which is redeemable for your next shopping trip. Go for that group deal on foods you would buy anyway and combine the group deals with cents off coupons to snag an even bigger grocery bargain.

Look High and Low

The best deals on your grocer’s shelves will be located on the top or bottom shelf. The highest paying food manufacturer gets the prime real estate (center shelves) on the racks, lower paying manufacturers (lower priced foods) will be located on the top and bottom shelves.

Try Store Brands

Don’t be afraid to try store brands, especially when you don’t have a coupon for a name brand. Big name manufacturers are the ones who make the store brands for grocery chains, so the food is quite often the same quality.

Get a Rain Check

The deeper the discount, the quicker the item will fly off the grocer’s shelf. Always ask for a rain check if a sale item is sold out and use that rain check to save money in a week or so when the store replenishes it’s supply.

Find Out Mark Down Times

Each grocery store has certain times during the day when produce and meat is marked down for quick sale. That’s the time of day when you can score big and save the most money. Look for the brightly colored ‘marked down’ stickers and stock up for home freezer with meat and produce bargains. The mark down time at most stores is right after opening in the morning, but is can vary, so ask the store manager.

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