How to Rip Audio CDs to MP3 Files

by on July 10th, 2010
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There are 3rd party utilities you can use to rip your audio CDs to mp3 files but you can also just use “windows media player” and this is great as its part of Windows and no extra program loading required

Step 1. Insert your audio disk into your CD/DVD rom drive and then open Windows media player

Step 2. your track list should show but if not right click an area at the top of the media player window till you get a dropdown menu that says file, veiw, play etc highlight play, then DVD, VCD or CD audio. your track list should now show

Step 3. Double check that it is set to rip MP3s and rip quality should be 128kbps or higher (192kbps recommended but MP3s are a slightly larger size) right click blank area for drop down menu, tools then options, then rip music tab. here confirm rip location, and rip settings are set to MP3 (not WMA) and also rip quality is set (128kbps or higher) Apply and ok to close window

Step 4. Look for the “rip CD” tab and click. Your CD will begin ripping the tracks to MP3. Once all songs are completed (some songs may not complete if your CD is scratched) don’t forget to go into the rip location (eg my documents, if you set the MP3s to land here) and check the songs for consistancy and quality. Now you don’t need the disk to play your favourite tunes! (you can also now rip these MP3s to disk to create mixed song disks with a mix of different MP3s)

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