How to Keep Organized in High School or College

by on December 26th, 2010
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College can be a tough place, especially for kids right out of high school or maybe even those returning to college after a period of several years. Through personal experience I know that plenty of students struggle with keeping their things organized in college or high school. This is a problem however, because organization is key in maintaining good grades and a high GPA throughout any type of schooling. Without proper organization techniques you can easily find yourself buried under thousands of papers and essays in just a matter of days.

1) The first step in organizing yourself through college or high school is separation of your classes. You don’t want to have all your papers for all your classes in one spot, that can become very cluttered and disorganized, and frankly a pain to find what you’re looking for. The best way do this is separate folders or three-ring binders. If you keep a separate folder for each of your classes you’re less likely to forget an important paper the day it’s due or to lose anything you need for class. The downside to having a separate three-ring binder for each class is they can become bulky and take up a lot of much needed space.

2) The second step is perhaps the simplest, DON’T HORDE! Yes it is extremely important to keep your old work for reference however it can become very cluttered. Buy a filing cabinet or find a box and keep your old school papers away from your current work. But still keep your classes separate when doing this! This will help tons with keeping your school work organized.

3) The third and final step is to keep up in your classes and avoid stress. Believe it or not, being stressed will greatly affect your ability to stay disciplined and follow the first two rules. By keeping yourself relaxed and ahead in classes you’ll feel more in control and less pressure, thus allowing you to keep track of your things better and make sure you’re following the other rules well. This will help you keep organized as well if not better than the above steps.

Well there you have it, in just three easy steps you can stay organized for years of schooling without fail. Being organized, especially following these three simple rules, will help improve your grades and make a difference in your GPA. Good luck and be sure to check out my other guides!

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