How to Get Bicycle Repair Training

by on November 8th, 2014
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Bicycle owners and those interested in a possible bicycle mechanic career can explore several options for getting bicycle repair training. There are some schools to learn how to fix bicycles, and self-study materials are also available.

While not as complex as more sophisticated vehicles, repairing bicycles is not necessarily easy, either. As such, there are some bicycle repair schools spread throughout the United States that routinely offer classes on bicycle training.

However, those seeking a career in bicycle repair should know that the market is somewhat small for these jobs. There are some jobs for bicycle repair throughout the country. However, they are somewhat limited and tend to be on the low end of the salary scale. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 9,530 bicycle repairers working in the United States in May of 2010.

Due to the limited job market, those seeking to spend money on bicycle repair training school should consider an overall career plan that includes more than just bike repair. For example, entrepreneurs seeking to open up a repair shop that includes other kinds of repair may wish to prepare themselves by attending bicycle repair school. In fact, of the 9,530 jobs counted by the BLS in its May 2010 survey, a full 8720 bicycle repairers were working in sporting goods, hobby, or musical instrument stores.

When getting bicycle repair training, the areas covered may include bicycle mechanic classes, shop operations, and frame building. These are the main areas taught at United Bicycle Institute.

For self-starters and mechanically inclined individuals who do not want to put the time and expense into attending a bike repair school for training, there are some DIY options. These may be more appropriate for bicycle owners or enthusiasts who are just trying to fix their own bikes. One example is the Bicycle Tutor website. There are a few dozen videos on that site dealing with various different bicycle repair techniques.

BikeWebSite is another such site that uses pictures instead of videos. This is another free bicycle repair training option for those who may not need a full and complete mechanic and frame-building education in how to fix and maintain bicycles.


United Bicycle Institute: UBI Classes

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