Has Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Lost Public Support?

by on September 11th, 2014
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There is only one question that comes to mind after hearing news that Elin Nordegren bulldozed her $12 million home. Is she too rich, with her $100,000,000 divorce settlement, to know how to put it to good use? The demolished home was a 17,000-square-foot house, eight bedrooms/ six bathrooms and an in-ground pool. The home was built in 1932 on one of Florida’s most exclusive gated golf communities near North Palm Beach. According to Bill DiPaolo , a Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, Nordegren plans to build a brand new luxury home on the same lot.

Even if there wasn’t a suffering economy, one could look at her actions as a spoiled debutant who does not know how to handle her millions of dollars responsibly. After all, we’re all raised from childhood to adulthood with the understanding that money does not grow on trees. One would at least hope she donated much of the materials from the demolished home to charities, like Habitat for Humanity. There is no word as to whether or not she had donated it or not.

Whether the public approves of her actions or not in the destruction of her once beautiful mansion, the reality of it is that she owned the home and has the right do as she pleases. On the bright side of what may strike many of us as wasteful is that she has created jobs for those who will be building her new home. The jobs may be short-lived but in this economy those who are going to be building her new home most likely are not complaining.

Perhaps too, Nordegren simply missed all those fan supporters who cried foul toward Tiger Woods cheating on her. Maybe she plans to make a public stink by throwing the money around that she won in her divorce settlement.


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