Free Patterns for Dog Beds

by on March 7th, 2015
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“Dr. Oz” recently shared on his television show that sleeping with your dog in bed with you hampers the quality of your sleep. It was highly recommended that you discontinue this process. If Fido isn’t going to sleep with you, the next best option might just be making a special bed for him. Whether you are crafty or not, you can find easy to follow directions to make your own dog bed. Here is a listing of websites that share free patterns for dog beds.

Doggie Style shares with us a Quick and Dirty Dog Bed Tutorial utilizing foam padding or old pillows. The tutorial states it will take you thirty minutes or less. To make it even easier, consider using towels for the fabric material. And if you are into repurposing, use an old bedspread or blanket for the fabric instead of buying new.

Talking Crochet shares a tutorial for a small round dog bed. It appears it works well for cats as well. This cute pattern is for beginning level crochet and could easily be made using up your scrap yarns. And if you don’t have any scrap yarn but do have a few old sweaters, consider unraveling the yarn and repurpose it.

Shrimp Salad Circus shares a tutorial for turning a table, an old suitcase and some fabric into a cat bed. And why not, vintage suitcases are in fashion with home d├ęcor from coffee tables to chairs, why not dog beds? Just remove the legs or at least shorten them for a dog bed version.

Every dog loves a bone. Joann Fabrics shares a dog bed shaped like a bone. This bone bed is suitable for a small to medium sized bed and is rated at a skill level of 2 for sewing skills.

And we don’t want to forget about the larger dogs, shares a pattern for a medium to large dog bed.

And if your dog is a Mastiff or a Great Dane, just buy a twin or double mattress!

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