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Is there any over the counter drugs to get high

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Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs and medicines should be used to treat an existing or imminent medical condition. Do the ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-there-any-over-the-counter-drugs-to-get-high ]
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Is there any over the counter drugs to get high
Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs and medicines should be used to treat an existing or imminent medical condition. Do the ChaCha again!
What over the counter drugs can get you high??
Robitussin Long acting Cough Cordicidin Cough ANd Could Mucinex
Do these over the counter drugs get you high?For a report.??
Lay off unless you wanna be braindead. Google those and you'll find the answer. I really wouldn't be messing with codine. Tsk tsk.

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What over the counter/ easy to get prescription pills (non narcotic), will give you a high if you take alot?
Q: I need to know of any easily accessible (Over the counter) drugs, that can get me high, if taken in a large amount. Also, I can get access to prescribed meds, like when i go to the doctor for a cold or just being mildly ill, they give me prescriptions but not for narcotic drugs, so I need to know if there are any non narcotic prescription drugs that get prescribed alot(easily accessed) that can get you high.Also are there any over the counter or prescription meds i can mix together to get high?Please dont answer and tell me im pathetic or something. Only answer if you are pro drug!
A: Theres a drug called dextromethorphan in some cough medicines that might make u hallucinate, Taking ephedrine and caffine at the same time can act as a stimulant, but anything that is legal is a poor substitute for illegal drugs. You need to do alot of research before you take anything. Try erowid and some of the other drug related websites.
Honestly, why in the USA must we have prescriptions for drugs that are over the counter in most countries?
Q: Honestly, why in the USA must we have prescriptions for drugs that are over the counter in almost every other country?I am not talking about drugs with any street value. There are plenty of over-the-counter drugs that kids get high on. I was married to a woman that would get stoned on over-the-counter ‘Primatine’. I know all about that crap.When drugs go to over-the-counter in the USA the price falls out. I remember when loratadine was prescription only. Yes, 30 pills were about $50 without insurance. Now $5 will buy 100 in the USA. That is about half what you pay in Mexico. Omeprazole recently switched to over the counter, and the price is falling. Soon it will cost less in the USA than in Mexico. Honestly I already know I need to take. I only see a doctor twice a year (that is about all my lame health insurance will pay for). He prescribes the same thing every time. After that I end up paying several hundred in prescriptions. The doctor will write a prescription for 3 months worth, because he wants more revenue from more visits. As a result I have been buying metoprolol (25mg), simvastian (5mg), and omeprazole (20mg) in Mexico for several years now. I know where I can buy a six month supply for about $50. Not only that but they have a free English speaking doctor for their customers (if you do not mind waiting). What more can I ask for?I never have any trouble with US customs. They ask me what the meds are for. I tell them, hypertension, cholesterol, and stomach. They send me on my way.Yes, I get some other shopping in while I am there. I always have a good time!BTW: I am a software developer. I make 68K a year before taxes. [SARCASM] Homeless people have better health insurance than I have [/SARCASM]Abuse will be reported.Lucky…. There are usually a few Canadians standing in line with me when I am going though customs.
A: you really do not need to worry about customs, you are actually to bring into the country non-narcotic medications for personal use. I posted a link below which is the actual FDA rules for customs. Since I do live near the boarder I buy online and have my meds mailed to my home and I have never had any problems with customs either. and as for your actual question, you already know the answer, its all about the money. money for the drug companies and their contributions to the politicians.
what to do when you dont have any medical insurance and you have HBP and possible other problems?
Q: OK first off let me say that Im not in the postion to afford medical insurance. My job dosnt offer it (self employed subcontractor) and I cant find any that would remotely be affordable.Im 29 years old, Ive have had high blood pressure since I was diagnosed back in 02, Also at the same time they found out that Im working with only half a liver (I dont drink and I dont abuse drugs, but a injury when I was younger may have contributed to it- long use of medical steriods ahd to be used) So my triglyceryds (sp?) where super high making in sence my blood like sluge. Also I have family history of high cholestorol and heart problems. At the time a drastic change in my diet changed my life... since then Ive have always eaten well and stayed as active as I can... but I feal the same symptoms I felt before creaping up on me once again. I know I need to see a doctor and have tests run and possible medicine to take on a daily or weekly basis but there isnt a way possible that I can afford any of that. What are my options? I havnt told my fiance' about some of this but she knows that I have had some blood pressure problems lately (red face extreme heat from my body) and I can get tired quickly from short periods of activity (mainly sex, ha!). I know I cannot diagnos myself perfectly, but what are possible over the counter drugs that can help? I appreciate all answers but look forward to smart relavent ones and not ones posted by idiots. thankyouLet me add this, I'm not quilified for any type of medical assistance. I make to much money, and before you say well why cant you pay for it then? we'll due to a very nasty divorce and debts caused by that, a good 90% of what I make goes to paying my current bills and taking care of behind bills + child suport with I religiously pay on time! The little bit I have left over pays for a bit of groceries and gas for my car.
A: Wow - you are young to have such serious health issues. My Cardiologist has suggested Omega 3 Fatty Acids to lower my triglycerides, along with Flax Seed. Have you checked with your local Social Services agencies to see if you qualify for medical assistance? There must be some help available in your situation. As for getting the medication you may need, Walgreen's and some drug companies are offering assistance to individuals who do not have insurance. Best of luck to you.

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