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Does ectopic pregnancy cause bleeding

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A:Yes, Vaginal bleeding, heavier or lighter than your normal periods [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-ectopic-pregnancy-cause-bleeding ]
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Does it cause bleeding ectopic pregnancy?
yes it can and probably will i had an ectopic in july i had spotting only slight bleeding in pregnancy could be for a number of reasons ans ectopic preg is rare good luck
Could you have an ectopic pregnancy if you are bleeding every mon...?
An ectopic pregnancy usually becomes apparent around 5-6 weeks as the growing pregnancy stretches the Fallopian tube and may burst it. Most of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy can also be signs /symptoms of other conditions. see a doctor...
Can you bleed while having an ectopic pregnancy?
Ecotopic preganancy is a dangerous thing so if I were you I would seek medical consultance whenever you are at all concerned. Even if it is just a quick call to NHS direct. Don't leave things to chance. Good luck

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anyone heard of an ectopic pregnancy causing heavy bleeding?
Q: i started bleeding yesterday and it has gotten very heavy and i wont mention the other details,but the dr in the er told me yesterday that he thinks it could be a few different things causing the bleeding,as early as i am far along he thinks it is an ectopic pregnancy,but cant do anything about it just yet because im not far along enough to know for sure or not if it is or not,im very concerned and very much afraid of losing our baby,ive never had this happen before to me and ive had three children,i was looking forwarded to this baby, being my youngest is almost ten years old,i am worried,he did check and said my cervis isnt dilated,but that doesnt explain the heavy bleeding,i had a hcg blood count done today they will be doing another one on fri to compare it to,so i should know next week if the levels are going down or just staying the same or going up,i pray it will be going up!!! if anyone has any advise on this matter plz comment
A: What ever you do do it with your legs propped up high. Stay relaxed so you can stop bleeding. I had one and i bled for two weeks straight before i went to the Dr. i didn't even know i was preg. i went to find out why my mp lasting so long? Dr said i was bleeding internally and sent me to the hospital for surgery. I feel for you. Like I said though keep your feet elevated and relax , i will pray for you . k Think positive
Usually when do miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy's cause pain and bleeding?
Q: My hcg level was slow getting started and we are unsure of when I ovulated so we are not sure how far along I am. At what we think is 17 dpo my beta hcg was 153. Doctor said I could have a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy since my number was low starting out since 14 dpo it was 2. I was just wondering in early pregnancy when the cramping or bleeding starts?I guess I should have added that I have been getting + hpts since 13 dpo. Dr says that getting a + hpt means my beta should be atleast 40I have had an ultrasound and they said that you shouldn't be able to see to much right now. We thought I was about 5 weeks but I ovulated late because I am not that far along.
A: I started having cramps within a few weeks they felt like period cramps and eventually went away then came the nausea and slow weight gain then I knew! but ectopic pregnancy are very serious you can request an ultra sound and they will be able to tell you for sure. Good luck hope everything goes well.
what causes bleeding throughout pregnancy if it isnt an ectopic pregnancy?
Q: Myself and my friend are pregnant and both bleeding. she is 11 wks and bleeds around the time she is supposed to menstrate. my cycle changed and thats how i found out i was pregnant...it was every 3 wks and extremely heavy and lasted for 6-7 days...then it changed up and became extremely light and only 3-4 days plus it comes every 4 wks...i'm almost 15 wks and am going to the docs for the first time cuz i didnt think i could be pregnant but the tests say different...and i talked to a nurse who told me that some women do bleed throughout their pregnancys, so i want to know why and what causes this? I am curious,if its not your uterus lining shedding then what is it? and if its not an ectopic pregnancy (my friend was preggo before and delivered a healhty baby) then what can be the reason???
A: ✞ During early pregnancy, your cervix changes in order to accommodate your new baby. Your body will provide increased blood flow to your cervix, and sometimes this can result in light bleeding. If your cervix is inflamed slightly during intercourse or a pelvic exam, spotting or bleeding may occur. Again, this is normal and does not necessarily mean that your baby is in any trouble. If your bleeding is abnormally heavy or lingers for more than a few days, visit with your doctor to determine the cause.

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