The Rock Appears on Raw Via Satellite, Awesome Truth Responds to “The Rock”

by on March 7th, 2015
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In the opening segment on Raw SuperShow, The Rock accepted John Cena’s request (via satellite) to team up with him at Survivor Series to face Awesome Truth. Basically, The Rock agreed to be Cena’s partner because “the people want them to team up.” The Rock made it clear that he still hates John Cena. The Rock took verbal jabs at The Awesome Truth as well. Click here below to watch the video promo:

Immediately after The Rock agreed to be Cena’s partner at Survivor Series, The Awesome Truth responded to The Rock with a video promo of their own(via Youtube).

On the October 31st episode of the Raw SuperShow, John Cena faced The Miz in the main event. R-Truth attempted to help The Miz by dressing up as “Scream,” and interfering in the match. Despite that, Cena was able to fight off Truth and make The Miz tap out (via STF).

After the match, R-Truth sneak attacked Cena again, but Cena hit Truth with the AA. Cena took off Truth’s mask and wore the mask to end the taping.

Source: WWE Raw on USA, Youtube

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