My Funny Valentine

by on November 23rd, 2010
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My Funny Valentine is not just a song for me anymore. It is a great memory that I will cherish forever and one that was made special for me in the most comedic way.

I went to work like any other day. My husband had promised to take me out for Valentine’s Day. Usually we do not celebrate it anymore since we have been married with children. He was able to get a babysitter for the night. I was excited and looking forward to it all day. It had been a while since we had gone out, let alone celebrated anything. When I got home, I made it a point to wear something he liked to see me in. In this case, a pearl tight fitting dress; I guess you can say I got “all dolled up” for the night.

When he got home, he showered and was ready to go. Living in the Northeast, we experience cold and snowy winters. He had made reservations for dinner and then a play. As we walked up the walk way to the restaurant feeling like a princess, I slipped on the ice and felt like a toad. I was so embarrassed. As my husband tried to pick me up, he felt to the ground as well. I felt bad and jinxed at this point. We laughed it off and gained composure.

We went in and ordered our dinner. Now, you have to know me to understand this, but I am that person, who no matter how careful she is, still manages to get food on her dress. I was proper and ate away from my plate to prevent this eating flaw I am sure I share with someone out there. I was doing great, the conversation was interesting, and we were like two old friends who have not seen each other in a while. Dessert came with coffee, as we shared a few loving stares that no words can speak of.

As I was about to take the last bite of my triple chocolate meltdown cake, it rolled off my fork, skidded through my top and landed on my lap! I was devastated. It was like Murphy’s Law. Well, by then our meal was over anyway. We needed to get to the play. I put on my coat to hide the chocolate stain. My husband was being nice and sympathetic to my situation. He asked me if I wanted to call it a night and I told him, that we were going to see this one through, since we hardly ever get to go anywhere.

We got to the play and it was nice and cozy in there. And I mean cozy! The heat was on too high for someone wearing a winter coat. By the second act I felt as if I had lost thirty pounds. I was sweating so much. He asked me to take off my coat, but I didn’t want to. If I did, everyone would see my stain. My face was red and flustered. I was sweating as if I had just finished a marathon.

On the way home we were quiet. Not much to say. We got to a red light and our glance broke our silence. We started laughing so much. It was to the point of uncontrollable. He told me he just couldn’t take me anywhere!

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