My Experience at the Rice and Company Restaurant in the Luxor Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas

by on January 15th, 2015
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I had the pleasure of dining at Rice and Company Restaurant at the Luxor Casino-Hotel in Las Vegas last evening. If you have not yet dined there, you are missing a very pleasurable experience.

Rice serves Oriental dishes as well as sushi. We were greeted at the entrance by two ladies; one of them asked my name and if I was staying at Luxor, and then my room number. The other then escorted me and my guest to a booth on the right side of the restaurant where we were seated. On the table were two white square dishes with brown cloth napkins folded on them, as well as a smaller square dish with chopsticks resting on the top. The larger dish was sitting on a placemat that also had a fork and a knife should you prefer not to use the chopsticks. Along the front wall was a sushi bar, with several white chairs facing the bar, as well as several chefs preparing the sushi.

The staff at Rice was very pleasurable and attentive to our needs. Our server introduced herself and explained each of the three menus we were presented with. One was a beverage menu, a second was for the variety of sushi available, and the third was the dinner menu itself. She went on to explain in detail the dinner menu, and even made suggestions about some of the dishes. We actually chose two entrees that she had suggested, and her advice was spot on! At the completion of our meal, we were presented a desert menu, and again the server offered more detail on several of the items contained therein. All of our needs as guests were met without even having to ask.

Now I am not, nor do I pretend to be a food critic, but in my opinion and that of my companion, we found the food to be very good. The food arrived at our table at a good temperature, and the portions were of a generous size. The flavor of everything we ate there was quite good.

The atmosphere of the restaurant itself was very pleasurable as well. There were patrons there dressed in evening wear, as well as casual (as we were), and even jeans and t-shirts. If you were to judge this restaurant based on presentation and décor, you might think this establishment is more for the suit and tie set. That would be a mistake, and one that may cause you to miss a fantastic dining experience. As far as price goes, we both felt that the cost was surprisingly low when considering the level of service and the quality of the food that is served at Rice and Company.

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