Kim Kardashian Launches New Perfume

by on November 14th, 2010
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Launching fragrance after fragrance is a rite of passage for Hollywood celebs these days. Add to that list reality TV star and fashion mogul Kim Kardashian, who is gearing up to launch her fourth perfume, reports New York Mag. The scent is titled “True Reflection,” which perhaps hints an aspiration to look inward this year after a messy 2011.

Kardashian’s Twitter page lit up after she tweeted several photographs from the fragrance’s ad campaign. The advertisements depicts 31-year-old Kardashian with a polished, retro styled coiffure, thick eyeliner and deep red lips within a gold saturated room. The ultra glamourous ad campaign aims to channel a vintage Elizabeth Taylor.

Her tribute to the iconic 1940s movie star comes as no surprise. OMG! by Yahoo! reports that Kardashian spent roughy $65,000 on a set of vintage Lorraine Schwartz bangles that Tayor once owned.

“Elizabeth Taylor was an idol of mine and I’m honored to now own something from her collection,” Kardashian told Us Weekly, as reported on OMG! by Yahoo!. “The Lorraine Schwartz jade bracelets are special because jade transfers energy, so I will cherish these bracelets with her energy in them for the rest of my life!”

True Reflection will hit the market in the spring of this year. According to a tweet that Kardashian posted herself, her newest fragrance is completely different from her three previous scents, “Kim Kardashian” and “Kim Kardashian Gold” and “Kim Kardashian Love.” The lattermost was a limited edition fragrance that was released and distributed to guests at her 2011 August wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries. Anyone who follows celebrity gossip — or owns a TV or computer — knows that Kardashian and Humphries called their marriage quits only a month after their vows were exchanged.

The perfume comes in a vintage-inspired, diamond-shaped bottle with a black ombre effect. Top notes, according to, are Italian bergamot, plum and peach, chocolate orchid, lotus flower and patchouli. It’s been described as an ultra feminine scent. The retail price of the perfume has yet to be announced, though it’s assumed it’ll retail for around the same price as her other two fragrances.

You can see photographs of the True Reflection ad campaign on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed.

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