It is Time to Get Moving on the Jhessye Shockley Case

by on August 18th, 2010
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It has been over a month and still no Jessie(Jhessye,Jahessye). It was finally explained why no polygraph was given to Jerice Hunter before. She said the police wanted to wait, because she was pregnant. She gave birth 3 weeks ago. We need to find out which direction this case is going to take. There are many of us who wait each day to see if there is news of Jessie. Her case was profiled on “America’s Most Wanted”, last week. There have been television interviews and a prayer vigil. Possibly one of the television events will bring a break in the case. I watch the trending news for Jessie’s name to no avail. While the television appearances are wonderful, the media still needs to do more. Jessie’s name needs to be out there as much as Lisa Irwins.

It is shocking in this country we can have so much airhead television and ignore these missing children. There are so many, I am doing a series and I have to go state by state, starting at those missing a year or less. There are just too many to do any other way. While there are many more runaways, than children under the age of 13, the runaways have families that want them home too. I tried to spark an interest in a 24-hour missing children channel, but no one wanted to help. This is in a country where we have people hurting themselves just to be on television, we have some of the, forgive me, skankiest people you have seen and they have hour programs. We have people who are famous over sex tapes and their families with two or three television programs, but we cannot help bring missing children home. That is simply pathetic.

With Jessie’s case, there is an answer, and we should not give up until she is home. She deserves that and more. All missing children deserve that.

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