How to Spend Less for Gift Wrap

by on August 18th, 2013
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Gift wrap doesn’t come cheap, and with Christmas literally right around the corner, finding wrapping paper within your budget can be a real challenge. Learn how you can get a great deal on gift wrap without changing where you shop for it, and how you can really make your wrapping paper work for you!

Gift wrap may be costly, but it can be versatile. If you aren’t using your gift wrap to the best of its ability, guess what? You’re just throwing money away! And don’t even think about hitting the dollar stores for your wrapping paper- you’re only sacrificing amount and quality when you go cheap. Just look at the yardage when you see dollar store gift wrap- besides not having a lot of styles to choose from, you are usually paying a dollar for just a few yards of thin wrapping paper, which means you’ll end up paying upwards of $5 for what would have cost you around half that at another store. Don’t fall victim to cheap wrapping paper that doesn’t cut it. Instead…

Choose your gift wrap wisely. Buying wrapping paper in multi-packs is almost always your best bet, and while you don’t get the great variety, this can actually be a plus. Plain wrapping paper in just a red or green color is actually a benefit- for those individuals who you don’t want the gift to look too masculine, Christmas-y or feminine, you’re going to want to have this wrapping paper anyhow- may as well get it in a multi-pack, and as a bonus the plain wrapping paper usually has the most yardage in it! Score!

And who says gift wrap has to be just for wrapping presents? When you are wrapping tons of Christmas gifts and have lots of wrapping paper left over, don’t throw those scraps away- they make great gift tags and little cards. You can even cut them up into little shreds and tape them to a present for a festive, quirky bow! You can also cut out specific designs in left over wrapping paper to add onto your homemade Christmas cards or to even glue onto plain wrapping paper to make the gift look more unique.

Have those weird-shaped presents that would take a ton of wrapping paper just to cover, or are too tiny to even bother wrapping? Break out the paper bags, which come in a variety of styles, and glue gift wrap scraps to the bags to make them look super cute and save your gift wrap for more square-shaped gifts that are easier to wrap without the cost.

Afraid of the costs of gift wrap but you still want to use it? Then start checking out your local thrift stores, which actually get donated left over gift wrap and sell it for super cheap! You can get a great variety of slightly used gift wrap rolls without paying the hefty cost! And if you can find a great quality wrapping paper at your local dollar store, check the yardage and see if you are getting a great deal or not. You actually may stumble upon a real winner.

Also, friends and family may be willing to swap gift wrap with you to get great new wrapping paper without all the costs. My mother has a ton of wrapping paper that she gives to me in exchange for plastic bags and old containers I don’t need and it’s a great trade. We also exchange Christmas ornaments this way as well- bulbs for lights. Why shop when you can barter with your family for great items you need?

note: don’t forget about the age-old gift wrap recycling- keep the wrapping paper from gifts you receive and don’t toss out those colorful Sunday comics- you have great gift wrap for free in that thick old newspaper!


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