Hooking Up Your First Fish Tank!

by on December 13th, 2014
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Fish tanks are great to decorate your home with but some of the bigger ones are harder to hook up. There are so many items that must be installed before your fish tank will be ready for use. These items include the air filter, the pump, the air bar that puts oxygen into the water, and the decorations that you want to put in there.

Each fish tank is comes with the necessary components for installation. The first step in installing your fish tank would be to set it up wherever you want it to be stationed at. Once you find a great place where it can be shown off, it is time to add the water to it. Add water to the fill line at the top of your tank, or wherever you want the water level to be. There really isn’t a maximum amount of water that can go into the tank. Once you fill it up with water, it is time to start installing the filter and the pump.

The filter hangs on the back of your fish tank and sucks the water up from the bottom of it and dispenses it back out of the top back into the fish tank. The air pump is there to pump air through the hose into the air back that sticks to the back of your fish tank with suction cups. Once all of these items are in place, it is then time to install the submersible water heater, if you have one with your tank.

Every system doesn’t come with the heater because some fish do not require water to be a certain temperature. Each fish has a different water temperature to live in so it depends on which type of fish you are wanting to purchase as to if you need a heater or not. There are freshwater and saltwater fish that you can purchase at your local pet store. PetSmart has the best selection of fish in my opinion but other pet stores also have a huge selection. Some fish such as Betta fish can only be in a tank by themselves because they attack other fish that they encounter. If you are considering having betta fish, it would be wise to start out with a small fish tank, such as a 1 gallon, so that you can let them live alone since they can’t be in contact with any other fish.

I have never had a saltwater fish tank so I do not know the ins and outs about maintaining those tanks. The ways to maintain a freshwater tank are to clean the filter regularly, feed the fish, and scrub the sides of the tank from the inside with a brush that should be included in your start up kit when you purchase the tank. The water begins to get cloudy after a month or so. To solve this problem, there are drops that are available at your local pet store that clear the water up in only a few hours. There should only be 1 drop of this solution per gallon of water in the tank. For example, if you have a 10 gallon tank, then there should only be 10 drops of this solution put into the water to clear it up. Once the fish tank begins to clear up, then you know that you have put enough solution into the water. That is all there is to maintaining a freshwater fish tank so enjoy!

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