Five Ways to Destroy Your Marriage

by on July 20th, 2013
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On the day you said your vows, you both made promises to each other that often are not kept. Life can get in the way of a relationship and although it often is unintentional, it can happen. Here are 5 ways to damage your relationship without even realizing that is what you are doing.

Taking your spouse for granted

This has got to be the number one reason why marriages suffer and often become unrepairable. One spouse gets busy, either with their career or commitments outside the relationship and before you know it your marriage isn’t what it used to be. The busy spouse takes for granted that the other spouse will always be there but in the meantime is ignoring that it takes two to have a good foundation to a marriage.

Ignoring your needs

Everyone has needs and some might think that being selfish is a bad thing but it really is not. When you put aside your needs continually, resentment can build up towards your partner. What results is a lack of communication and often fighting that seems baseless to the spouse who is unaware of what is really going on.

Communication breakdown.

Life gets busy with work, kids and responsibilities, but once a couple stops communicating well, the relationship is bound to suffer. Sometimes when couples have conflicting schedules it does make communication more difficult but if you both try and make an effort you can avoid the inevitable feeling of two strangers passing in the night.

Putting your relationship second

When you got married, you were both aware of each others’ goals in life. Hopefully one of them was a long life together. Sometimes job stress, career pressures, family or finances can make one or both of you stray from living life as a couple. Your relationship takes a back seat to whatever it is that is driving you.

Life stress

Couples, especially ones who have financial troubles, may inadvertently put their marriage aside while they focus on struggling to stay afloat. You promised to love each other rich or poor but many couples wind up fighting about money or get so stressed out over their finances that they forget what really matters.

The key to a long-lasting relationship is to remember how you felt on the day that you promised to love each other throughout all the challenges that life may throw your way. If you notice any of these danger signs happening in your relationship, don’t wait for things to get worse. Pull your partner aside and have a talk about what is going on in your life. You can put your marriage back on track and make it strong again.

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