College and Educational System – We Must Teach Students to Think First and Foremost

by on January 30th, 2015
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What do I think on this argument and topic? Well, as I was having this conversation the other day with John Altmann, a philosopher, I told him that;

“I guess you do learn some stuff in college, and you need to memorize and know some things, as a launching point, but the important things we really need to know will be limited to your professor’s wisdom, and their ability to teach, but those who condemn our education system as flawed do make strong argument in that you never actually learn to think.”

That is something you need to come to college with, not expect to get out of it – and one has to really guard their thinking ability so that it’s not hijacked by the educational system, few make it out alive, their minds don’t make it out rather. What about subjects designed to make you think topics such as; philosophy or psychology?

“Great psychology or philosophy teachers get you to think, but most aren’t that great, and revert back to regurgitate,” – Lance 2012

In many regards colleges prepare folks for corporate jobs, but that also means they have to get you into the methodology of follower, not individual thinker, and it’s why discipline in the military is vital, first they tear down the individual, then they build them back up as a chain link, component, and soldier in the fighting force. College students are often being prepared to be “units of labor” is all.

Okay so, I guess if one aspires to be used as a unit of labor, to go to work and not think, just do, as prescribed by the boss or corporate structure, and get paid for it, well, fine, that’s a J-O-B and they are welcome to go that route. For me, and those I associate with, well, I guess we want a little more out of life, and to live life on our terms, which is also allowed – still, I’d say if college doesn’t teach you how to think, and set you apart at a higher level of cognition, then why does it cost so much? Please consider all this.

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