Cheap DIY Kitchen Cabinet Update

by on December 29th, 2010
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If you recently priced new kitchen cabinets and experienced sticker shock, you’re not alone. Fortunately there are several cheap DIY ways to update kitchen cabinets besides gutting the kitchen and installing all new (expensive) cabinetry. Painting (the way I chose) is the easiest and cheapest way to give kitchen cabinets a makeover, according to HGTV . And you don’t have to stick with just a traditional coat of white paint. Thinking outside the box with a couple cans of paint in different colors can give your kitchen the newest trendy look without breaking the budget.

Paint Cabinets Different Colors

Consider this cheap and trendy kitchen update idea – paint upper and lower cabinets in contrasting paint colors. White uppers with black lowers provide a stark contrast with a retro feel. Cabinets don’t all have to match, says Jacquelyn McGilvray of HGTV . Mix the finishes and colors, more than two paint colors can be used and still create a cohesive looking kitchen. Use bold accent paint colors to define spaces and cabinet usage, such as painting the drawers designated for office use a bold shade of red. Whatever color of paint you select, make sure it’s durable and easy to wipe clean.

Glue on Beadboard

If you hate painting, update kitchen cabinets on the cheap by gluing beadboard to the fronts. Purchase a sheets of pre-painted white beadboard, cut pieces three inches smaller than the door or drawer face. Center the beadboard on the doors/drawers and mark edges with pencil, apply contact cement as directed to the back of the beadboard and press it into place, lining up the edges with pencil lines on door and drawer fronts. Add strips of trim around the edges with contact cement or finishing nails for a polished look. Add matching crown molding to the cabinet tops and give your DIY makeover a high-end designer look.

For a natural or rustic kitchen look, purchase unfinished beadboard and leave au natural or apply a finishing glaze or stain.

Replace Hardware

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to update the look of kitchen cabinets is by replacing the hardware . If old door and drawer pulls only have one screw, you’re not limited to replacing them with the same kind, another hole can be drilled in each drawer and door panel to accommodate a second screw attachment. Vice-versa (going from two screws to one) can be accomplished too by re-facing the drawer/door fronts or filling in both holes with wood filler, sanding smooth, painting and drilling a new hole in the center.

Take the Doors Off

Opt for a trendy open shelf look by removing cabinets doors. Paint the back walls and shelving or apply a dramatic wall paper on the wall inside the cabinets. Painting or papering the back wall will add visual depth to cabinetry and provide a backdrop for displaying pretty dishes and stemware. If more shelving is desired, add simple yet elegant open kitchen shelving with these plans from HGTV .


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