Best Halloween Recipes : Shortbread “finger” Cookies and Jell-O Slimy Gummy Worm Cups

by on October 6th, 2015
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Everyone loves goodies, and Halloween always brings to mind sweets, favorite costumes, and autumn festivities. If you’re looking for a couple great recipes for a party, or just for the kids, these will fill your goodie-bag cravings. Give these easy Halloween recipe ideas a try. They’re short, they’re sweet, they’re fun, and the end results are spooktacular.

Halloween “Finger” Cookies
4 cups of flour
2 cups of butter (1 lb.)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 pound of whole roasted almonds

Cream butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon. Mix until well blended. Add flour, mix well until a ball is formed. Put out on to counter top lightly floured. Knead until smooth, and flatten out to 1/2 in. thickness. Cut into approx. three inch by 1/2 inch “fingers”, and shape them to look like fingers, tapering at the ends and don’t forget to add the “knuckles” by forming a bump in the middle of the finger and using a knife or toothpick to draw on lines to look like skin. Place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and add a single almond for the fingernail at the top of each “finger”. Bake at 325 degrees until lightly golden.

Jell-O Slimy Gummy Worm Cups

1 pkg. lime, melon, or other green Jell-O
1 pkg berry blue Jell-O
gummy worms
Prepare green Jell-O as package directs, pour into clear cups or small jars, filling only half way and adding a few gummy worms to each. Put them in the fridge until firm. While they are firming, prepare blue Jell-O as the package directs and pour over the top of each, and add one more gummy worm letting half of it hang over the edge of the cup. Refrigerate until firm.

Hope you have as much fun making them as they are to eat.
Happy Halloween!

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