The Temptations: Ron Tyson

by on December 15th, 2014
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It seems all the members that stepped into the selected slot, of Eddie Kendrick’s position always states this man influence upon them. Whether, it was Damon Harris, the similar sounding replacement. Or Glenn Carl, Leonard who replaced Harris around 1975. One thing’s for sure they allhave elevated the position with honor.

One man, at the present falsetta is Ron Tyson, Presson who ranks as the second longest member, of the Temptation? One man you can state sounds familar like the man he replaced Glenn Leonard. If Kendrick was the tenor to David Ruffin during his time in the group. And, if Damon Harris was the tenor to Dennis Edwards during the seventies. Then, we must anoint Ron Tyson as being connected to the late Ali Ollie, Woodson. Two men that bought the eighties Temptations fame with “Treat Her Like A Lady” which was a fantastic up grade style, at the time.

But, there is one thing that puzzlle many fans alike is the fact that Tyson doesn’t sing in concert “My Love Is True” a lovely ballard that compares greatly next to Kendricks’ “Just My Imagination”, as a beautiful tune co-written by him which shouldn’t surprise many fans because over the years, he has contributed some great tunes , as a member of the Temptations.

We first was impressed, with him , as a Temptations , at Motown’s 25th anniversay show. Where, he turned in a great performances. And, although he’s more known, as a Temptations member to fans. Many musicolgist probably know him when he was co-singer of the Ethics or Love Committee groups during the late sixties and seventies.

He remains the only man before becoming a Temptation’s that wrote for the group with they was on Atlantic Records. Where one, of the songs “In A Life Time” ranks great amongst many songs written for them?While it wasn’t a big hit on this label it stands out, as a great song sung, by his predecessor Leonard’s in the late seventies.

Plus, he co-wrote songs for the original tenor/falsetta Eddie Kendrick’s when he was a solo artist still assigned to the Tamala’s label division, of Motown. You might say Tyson can boast more about his contribution to the group. Except, he ramains humble and content to accept that fans adores him for being himself.

Theo People, former Temptation’s member owes his great respect for selecting him to be a member, of the Temp. Which also goes double for his God-son Bruce Williamson, who carries on the lead baritone position once held by Ruffin and Paul Williams Sr. We all can admit that no one can ever replace Kendricks’ in Classic Five fans mind. But, least we can give credit to Tyson, Damon Harris, Glenn Leonard keeping people aware that one sound was more important than any lead singer the group ever had.

Oh, one more thing must be noted about Ron Tyson. Who shares one thing in common , with Damon Harris and Eddie Kenricks , as a member of the Temptations? He was produced, by the late great visionary of the late sixties and early seventies Temps Norman Whitfield. Who produced them on the “Back To Basic” album/disc during 1983? And, gave lead to Ron Tyson, on “Sail Away” a minor hit but worthy of Tyson showcasing it in concert. You might say , the late Woodson, also had that opportunity to be produced, by Whitfield’s “Stop The World” off the same album.

So, no one can’t say Ron Tyson, Presson isn’t worthy of being a Temptations. Because, if you check his condentials you find a volume that proclaim that he earned his recommendation.

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