The Ones Who Live Without

by on March 5th, 2015
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My name is Bethanny, I am 11, and I live without.
I live without self-respect, without pride, without love.
I live without the ability to see the simple joy in life.

My name is Kendra, I am 16, and I live without.
I live without motivation, justification, and hope.
I live without being able to go a day in a place I feel safe to call home.

My name is Ebony, I am 26, I too live without.
I live without courage, sensitivity, positivity.
I live without the security, that I will be welcomed into society.

There is something that we all live with.
Something their offensive slurs, and their cold eyes can not rip to shreds
Something you couldn’t physically tear from my grasp.

That thing, is us.
We are unseparable.
We are so different, yet just alike.
The only thing we have left is the state of mind that we are the same.

That is what we will never live without …

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