Practical Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Soft, Youthful and Moisturized

by on March 7th, 2015
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Dishes, laundry and housework can leave your hands feeling chapped, rough and tired. It is often said that a woman’s hands will show her age before any of the rest of her appearance will. The delicate skin of our hands just isn’t a match for the chores we put them through every day, and they can often age badly. However, with just a few moments of attention, you can keep your hands looking clean, smooth and refreshed.

Wear Gloves – Invest in a cute pair of rubber gloves that you can wear whenever you are doing dishes. Yes, they can be a little awkward and cumbersome, but you’ll save your hands from a lot of exposure to hot water and harsh cleansers. Plus, they make some really cute designs that will make you smile whenever you put them on. These hot pink gloves with zebra print trim and a little black bow accent are a personal favorite of mine!

Sugar Scrub – Once a week or so, take just a few minutes and exfoliate your hands the sweet way – with sugar! Pour a couple teaspoons of white granulated sugar into the palm of your hand, and add just enough of a favorite lotion to create a coarse scrub. Take a few minutes to scrub your hands really well, making sure you don’t forget in between your fingers and the sides of your hands. Rinse well with warm water, and apply another layer of lotion. Your hands will be incredibly soft and smooth!

Sunscreen – When you are applying sunscreen for a day on the beach or beside the pool, make sure you don’t forget to also apply sunscreen to the back of your hands. They’re easy to forget, but your hands can show sun damage and skin spots as well from over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Moisturize Before You Close Your Eyes – Every single night, right before you drift off, apply a good moisturizer all over your hands. Keep it on your nightstand so that you will never forget. I sometimes use a face cream for extra strength and moisturization.

Don’t Forget Your Cuticles – Happy healthy hands won’t look so great if your nails aren’t in good shape. When you are moisturizing, don’t forget to massage your cuticles all the way around the edge of your nail. Rough, jagged cuticles are not a good accent for pretty hands.

With just a little bit of extra attention and care, your hands will look stay looking nice and soft.

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