Occupy Wall Street, Ben Stein, and the Insanity of the New 1 Percent

by on October 5th, 2010
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COMMENTARY | Ben Stein is a brilliant economist turned commentator, game show host, and actor. With his famous dead-pan performance in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (an all-time great cameo that featured the infamous “Bueller?… Bueller?…Bueller?” quote) it would be easy to dismiss him as once relevant. Such is not the case for Stein. With a monotone demeanor and intelligence that would make the brightest CEO second guess his thoughts, he has evolved into an important figure regarding economic and social commentary. When Stein speaks, people listen.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise that when Ben Stein called the Occupy Wall Street movement “insignificant” and a “sad, self-important lot” on CNN (Dec. 3) it caught the national spotlight.

It’s tough to argue with Stein’s logic concerning OWS. The once curious movement has become an enigma. With a myriad of special interests and hate it makes for curious consideration on how everyone who partakes in these protests manage to get along.

To say the ‘movement’ has trudged through the mud is an understatement. When people rally around a sign reading ‘Hitler’s Bankers Wall Street’, it’s time to consider and label that group radical. It’s great to live in a country free enough to embrace such idiocy. But, please, keep that level of hate and stupidity to yourself.

As the occupiers continue to meander their way throughout the country holding up signs and beating drums, the rest of the 99 percent of us continue to work or search for gainful employment.

Therefore, here is a suggestion for the college kids in the OWS crowd – try protesting in front of the dean’s office at your local college or university. Demand an answer to why college tuition rises an estimated eight percent a year according to finaid.org. Ask why you are strapped in tremendous debt in the attempt to gain a decent education in order to land that great job you are so anxious to demonize.

Better yet, speak to your parents about that subject.

As for Ben Stein, he articulates what most of us already know – there are already laws against fraud in this country, they simply need enforcement.

There are only a few thousand OWS protestors actively participating in the movement. It’s strange twist in irony. After all, isn’t it time we 99% insists the 1% get back to work?


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