Massive Snowstorm Takes Over Northeastern United States, Kills 3

by on February 8th, 2011
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Sometimes even October snowstorms can be lethal.

A surprisingly massive snowstorm came to the Northeastern region of the United States and left many without power.

According to The New York Times report, at least 2.3 million residents from Pennsylvania to New England were left without electricity. In Manhattan, tree branches snapped across the streets and obstructed the walkways of Central Park.

But that’s not all.

Three people people were killed during the snowstorm. According to Reuters, a 84 year man from Temple, Pennsylvania was killed when a tree fell through his house.

Even worse, Reuters reports that a 20 year old man was electrocuted to death when he walked out of his car and somehow touched an electric guard rail.

This snowstorm left a record high amount of snow in New York and many weather watchers believe that this may be the worst snowstorm since the Civil War days.

The snowstorm had a direct impact on the Wall Street protesters as hundreds of protesters huddled in of tents at Zuccoti Park. They were staunch in their position and many claimed that the bad weather would not wither away their determination.


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