How to Clear Internet Cache

by on September 18th, 2014
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When you are browsing internet, your browser will store a copy of the webpage you’ve visit, including images and sounds in the temporary internet files folder. This folder is also known as internet cache. You may well notice how quickly a web page loads in your browser the second time you visit it, if you have not cleared your cache. Conversely, once you have cleared your cache, a site will take longer to load the first time round as it has no previous information to access from memory.

Internet cache can facilitate your internet browsing, but as cache getting larger and larger, it can occupy too much place of your hard driver and you may suffer bad browsing experience-for your browser will reload the outdated web pages for you. Therefore it is advisable that you need to clear internet cache on a regular basis. So that you can free up your hard disk space to gain better performance of your computer and visit up-to-date web pages.

To clear your cache in Internet Explorer 7, simply open a browser, click on Tools, then Internet Options, under Browsing History click Delete and there you will see the options to delete temporary internet files, cookies and history.

To clean the cache in Opera, open the browser then select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, and go down to ‘Preferences’. On the left hand side of the preferences screen, click the label ‘History and Cache’. On the right side of the window you will have a button that says ‘Empty now’, select this button. If you have a lot of files in the cache this can take a while to process. Once done, click ‘Ok’ then close the browser window.

For Firefox, you can click ‘Tools’ from the top menu. Then go down to Options’. When the window has opened click on the Privacy icon (on the left). On the right hand screen, you will have a button down the bottom that says ‘Clear’, which is to the right of the word ‘Cache’. Click this button to clear the Firefox cache. Once done, click Ok and close the browser window.

You see, clear internet cache is not a difficult task. If you still do not know how to clear internet cache as to find the specific way to clear certain browser’s cache, you can also choose good evidence cleaner to completely clear cache in all kinds of browsers by simple clicking.

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