Family Day Trips and Field Trips in North Carolina

by on March 7th, 2015
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Want to recommend a trip to your child’s teacher or make the most out of your weekend? Here are some great ideas to get you started, that also tie into their learning objectives at school.

Battleship North Carolina

Tour the North Carolina Battleship and see how sailors lived on deck. Learn about our rich history by walking through the gallows and interacting with the actual guns. This also offers a great springboard for discussions about World War II.

Camp Flintlock

They have a great summer camp program, travel to school and have on-site demonstrations. This also gives you a great look into our colonial and revolutionary past. You can participate in hands-on learning about clothing, food, jobs, and agriculture. Give a fresh look at what it was like to live in another time period with several activities such as writing with a quill, sewing baseballs, and reading a hornbook.

Capitol Tour

Visit Raleigh and tour Capitol and Legislative buildings to see just how our government works in this State. The tours educate on the many details of State and help younger minds understand the commitments and dedication that are characteristic of prominent people who have chose to serve in our government.

Hill Ridge Farms

Pick a pumpkin, go on a hay ride, tour the farm or visit the petting zoo. There are plenty of activities for the whole family at Hill Ridge Farms. This also provides a great look at how some of North Carolina’s produce starts before it arrives at local grocery stores.

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Take a step under the sea to learn about ocean life. Complete with touch tanks, alligators, sharks, jelly fish, turtles and live demonstrations; this is a trip not to be missed. The aquarium is also located right next to public beach access for a quick walk on the beach or special picnic lunch.

North Carolina Museum of Science

Visit their regions of North Carolina to look at recreations of each of the state’s regions. In each region, you can examine animals native to that area and their adaptations that allow them to thrive there. You can even plan ahead and create a scavenger hunt to find different animals in each region.

Old Salem

This trip allows your kids to step into the life of a colonial person and experience it first hand. The village has been frozen in time complete with authentically dressed docents in each building or area. In addition, there are several opportunities for “hands-on” activities including sewing a baseball, churning butter, playing games, writing with a quill and more.

Poe Health Center

Looking a healthy perspective? Try “FITT for Life” or “Food for Thought” programs. FITT for Life will introduce the importance of regular physical activity. Experience the balance between eating and exercise while reinforcing the benefits of an active lifestyle and encouraging your kids to make a lifelong commitment to their health.

State Fair

While this only comes once a year and we usually associate it with rides and deep fried foods, there are plenty of learning opportunities. Check out the agriculture buildings and also the “Our Land” tent which offers a scavenger hunt each year guiding you through agriculture, resources and making green choices in our state.

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