Best Books to Prepare Your Child for Starting Preschool

by on December 20th, 2010
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There are dozens of books on the market to help prepare your child for starting kindergarten, but what about preschool? Many children experience preschool before ever going to kindergarten and this can be a big transition for children, as well as parents. Having to stand in a line, be quiet when asked, and raise a hand to make a comment or ask a question is most always new to children going to preschool for the first time. These librarian and mom recommended books will help prepare your child for what to expect during preschool, before he ever begins.

Maisy Goes to Preschool by Lucy Cousins. Many young children are already familiar with the little mouse, Maisy, and if they are not they will love the simplified illustrations of Cousin’s adorable character. Maisy will take your child through a sample day of preschool including morning routines, snack time, and various activities. If you want to get your child excited about what to expect at preschool then this book about starting preschool is sure to fit the bill.

What to Expect at Preschool by Heidi Murkoff. This book to help prepare your child for starting preschool is a great guide for both children and parents. Many questions about what to expect at preschool are answered. If your child is starting preschool for the first time at an older age (4 or 5) then this book is especially helpful by providing honest answers to questions your child very likely has.

I Love You All Day Long by Francesca Rusackas. If you know that your child’s most difficult transition to preschool will be leaving you all day (or part of the day) then this is the book for you. I Love You All Day Long reminds preschool children that Mommy and Daddy love them no matter where they are. Many preschool students are most apprehensive about leaving their parents to attend school. This very cute book will help put your child’s mind at ease.

Preschool Day Hooray! by Linda Leopold Strauss. Your child will love the sing-songy rhyming text of this book as it takes children on a journey through all the fun and exciting parts of preschool. After several reads, your child will likely have lines of this book memorized and will be less worried about starting preschool.

With more and more children attending preschool as their very first school experience, preparing such young children to begin school becomes even harder. Use these books to help prepare your child, and yourself, for the transition to preschool.

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