32 Baby Names that Mean Love

by on July 26th, 2010
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While searching for the perfect baby name for your son or daughter, you may be wondering if the definition of the name matters to you. There is so much to consider while deciding on a name. Do you like the sound? Does it flow with your last name? Middle name or no middle name? Do the initials spell something awful? For some parents, the definition is most important. If you would like to consider the definition, than searching for names by definition is a great way to broaden your choices and take a look at some names you never would have otherwise seen. Check out these amazing names that mean “love.”

(1) Kalina: (female) I’ve always loved this name and love that it has an amazing definition as well. (No puns intended.) It’s beautiful looking and sounding.

(2) Ceiro: (male) Ceiro is Welsh and just looks cool. This is definitely a name I would consider for my little boy.

(3) Pendo: (both) In Swahili it is a name for a little girl, but I believe it would work better on a little boy in the U.S. Pen is a really cool nickname too.

(4) Carita: (female) I grew up with a Carita and always thought her name was so unique and lovely. I still feel that way as an adult and love the nickname Cari.

(5) Adonis: (male) This is quite a name to put on your little boy, but if you are brave and bold than this is an awesome choice! I love the sound of it.

(6) Adonia: (female) Meaning goddess of love, Adonia is a beautiful alternative to Addison. You can still have the adorable nickname Addy if you want!

(7) Mina: (female) I adore Mina as a choice for a baby girl. If you love cutesy you can go with the nickname Minnie, but Mina itself sounds classy.

(8) Lubomir: (male) “Great love” is a great definition for your son. It’s different and unique. It’s definitely for daring parents.

(9) Esme: (female) Esme means “to love,” and is such a beautiful little name. It’s a great alternative to Ella and Elsa.

(10) Philo: (male) Strong and cool, Philo is the next Milo! I also love the nickname Lo. It’s a great alternative to Philip.

(11) Freya: (female) Another goddess of love, Freya is a name that is gaining popularity amongst the name nerds of the world. I think it’s name that could completely catch on to the mainstream.

(12) Amadea: (female) Amadea means God’s love. It’s the female form of Amadeus and is dramatic and gorgeous. It can replace Madison and still get you the nickname Maddy.

(13) Prem: (male) Simple and to the point, Prem is a cool little name for your little boy. It’s a great name for parents who hate nicknames.

(14) Ae Cha: (female) Korean for love and daughter, this is an amazing name for your little girl. I love Korean names and if you do to, you’ll find there are a lot of amazing name pairing opportunities.

(15) Carwen: (male) Meaning love, fair, and blessed, Carwen is a cool name. It fits in with the popular sound for boys names today, but still offers something a little more unique.

(16) Philomena: (female) These frilly names are coming back into style. Genevieve and Esmeralda are in the top 300, that means your little Philomena won’t be out of place.

(17) Amor: (male) Literally meaning love, Amor has an amazing sound to it. It’s short and to the point, but still beautiful.

(18) Amora: (female) This Spanish name is a beautiful way to have the definition of love. I think it is a great alternative to the popular “A” baby names of the day.

(19) Kerensa: (female) Is there a cooler name than Kerensa? I don’t think so. It’s got an awesome energy to it and is unique but still accessible. Keri and Ren are great nicknames too.

(20) Erasmus: (male) This name is a little dramatic sounding, but there are plenty of us who love a dramatic name. Erasmus would be great with a little sister named Philomena.

(21) Amorette: (female) Amorette means little love. That’s exactly what your little girl is! I also love the nickname Rette.

(22) Nayely: (female) Native American for I love you, Nayely is such a lovely choice for your daughter. Naya is such a cute nickname too.

(23) Rastus: (male) Rastus is Greek and sounds so energetic and cool. I love the nickname Ras so much too.

(24) Carys: (female) A beautiful name with a beautiful spelling and an amazing definition….wait isn’t that what every parent is searching for? Put this one on your list of possibilities as soon as possible!

(25) Eros: (male) Eros is a cool name and Eri is a cool little nickname too. It’s a cool choice for your little boy.

(26) Aiko: (both) Japanese for love, Aiko can work for a little boy or a little girl. I love the spelling and the sound!

(27) Akabi: (female) Akabi is Greek for love, and Kabi is a really cool nickname. It definitely has a unique sound that is a little out there, but parents who live on the naming edge will love it!

(28) Kokoa: (female) Kokoa is Japanese for love of the heart. I love the spelling so much better than Coco.

(29) Delpha: (female) Meaning brotherly love, Delpha is great for a little girl who has a lot of brothers. It also fits in with some of the newly popular girls names.

(30) Lerato: (both) Lerato is an African name and though it is used for little girls, I believe it can be used for both in the U.S.

(31) Amadeus: (male) Love of God is a great definition for religious parents. I also think Deus is a fantastic nickname.

(32) Anabel: (female) Our kids aren’t always easy to love, but Anabel means easy to love. Maybe, that will even out your feelings when your little Anabel throws a tantrum.

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