11/11/11 Angels and Lightworkers and 11*11*11

by on March 7th, 2015
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There once was a savant from Provence, who confused his shoes with his pants….

Well, enough of that!

It would appear that this November 11th 2011 has gotten the nuts shaking lose from the flakes and its every conspiracist for himself!

As per usual for these predictions that a celestial event will take place on a date certain, the saddest thing for the true believers will be if nothing happens. The true tragedy will be the twisted lies they must tell to cover up the failure of their predictions.

We cannot control probability and statistics. If we could they would not be probability and statistics. So some earthquake or eruption could happen on 11-11-11. But the likelihood is that no Angels will come out of clocks nor will people from Pleiades pick that moment to make a visit to the planet earth.

Nevertheless, I like following the way humans insist on putting the unusual and strange into their otherwise humdrum lives. I think it keeps us from getting bored. There’s that and then there is the fact that it sometimes seems that capitalism, that system that provide all our money, is circling the drain and the politicians are saying: one more flush ought to get it! We keep saying: What???? They keep flushing.

Meanwhile, back at the Angel Apocalypse. Some of you barely survived the Zombie Apocalypse. How will you withstand the rage of Angels? Knowledge, or an apparent variant, pseudo knowledge , will be the key to your salvation. Know you this, there are idiot savants who can do fantastical things like tell you whether a random date from a calendar hundreds of years in the past or future was a Thursday. Some of the folks who do strange and fantastical numerical calculations say that numbers have shapes or feel a certain way or have colors.

There are others such as numerologists and LightWorkers who say that numbers vibrate at specific frequency and like a sonic screwdriver yielded by the BBC’s Dr Who. Particular numbers when used in special ways can open up both the doors of perception and doorways to other worlds.

You will be pleased to note that some religious folks say that all such talk is either heresy or blasphemy and those who engage in it will surely join that guy who falsely predicted the rapture three times, in hell.

There are insights into the date 11-11-11 that almost sound like bad jokes. One person says the numbers inspire him to pray for oneness. That’s a lot of “Oneness” alright.




Given that succession of elevens can appear like dividing lines on a highway, perhaps we are to look for cosmic road kill, scrape this divine gift off the karmic pavement, batter it up in cornmeal or smother that bad boy in flour, fry it till it stops screaming, and eat that joke.

It’s time for your cosmic pedicure at 11:11 on the date 11:11:11.

Some say the Star Gate will open up on 11.11.11. Remember to stay well back of the wall mounted toilet when it flushes. You might not want to be caught up in that “Love Wave”.

One dude says a $50 bill once spoke mystically to him about a false flag attack on the Hoover dam on 11 November 2011. Let’s hope the FBI has that guy on a short leash lest he try to make his own predictions come true if the Powers that Be fail to do so. If I understand his prediction, and I don’t, but let’s pretend, if I did understand it, I might think he means the feds will do something in November. Let’s hope not.

As though the cosmic joke were not hilarious enough, some dude named Hilarion the ascended master is diddling with these dates so watch for ethereal missives from dead people. Hilarion was one serious dude in life, he was able to cure angry camels. (Does Hilary Clinton know about this?)

Apparently, 11 is an Angel number to some. As is 44. Angels like double digits apparently. Sounds like Angels are easily amused. By way, 111 is also an Angel number. So Angels like triplets too. How many Angel numbers are there? I lost count.

What do Angel numbers mean? Apparently it means that Angels are not very imaginative or terrible useful since they only way they have to communicate with us to have us fixate on meaningless numbers. You would think a miracle or two would be a much more useful way of doing this especially since any human could mess with the numbers you randomly encounter everyday but no human could make every invalid on the planet arise and walk simultaneously irrespective of his previous condition. The triviality of these supposed Angelic messages seem borne of desperation rather than inspiration.

In the end, since I have nothing better to offer, I would not remove the hope of the gullible for that may be all they have. I will simply offer the observation that the only way I have seen that the divine could manifest itself in our daily lives is if we are instruments of the divine and if we are God’s way of working miracles on the earth. If that revelation ever takes hold then here is another. We could largely wipe out all disease and all suffering due to disease if we stopped wasting money on bloated government health care systems and “wars of convenience.” By the way, before we got so distracted by politics, wasn’t healing the sick considered a miracle?


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