Ways to Create a Private Dressing Area in a Shared Bedroom

by on December 13th, 2010
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When siblings, friends or students have to share a bedroom, privacy is a hot commodity. It is something that everyone wants and needs. However, it is not always convenient to leave the room for dressing purposes, but going elsewhere is not necessary. It is possible to create a small dressing area in a shared bedroom, even if a closet or cubby area is not available.

I had to share a very small bedroom with a younger sibling, and the only bathroom in the home was not always available. I had to find a way to create a dressing area in my shared bedroom. With a couple of common furnishings, I was able to set up a private dressing area my small bedroom.

Set Up a Private Dressing Area in an Empty Corner

An empty corner is the perfect location for a private dressing area in a shared bedroom. It can be created with a stylish shower curtain or drapes, a spring tension rod and two wooden blocks. I used this method in my shared bedroom, and it worked beautifully. I had my dad angle two blocks using a miter saw. They had to be angled to properly hold the spring tension rod against the wall. With the help of two extra hands, I mounted it in the corner with dark blue drapes. The corner provided a private place for dressing, and it was also a great place to hide extra pairs of shoes and a hamper.

Transform a Closet Into a Private Dressing Area

I had a fairly deep closet in my small shared bedroom, but the room was not large enough to sacrifice storage space for a private dressing area. If the room was larger I would have used the closet as a small dressing room. I would have mounted a long mirror on the inside of the closet door, but it would have been necessary to find another place to hang dresses, slacks and more.

Use an Armoire Instead of a Closet

If a shared bedroom is large and offers plenty of square footage, use the closet for a private dressing room. Mount a long mirror on the back wall of the closet as well as the door. It will look and feel more expansive than ever, and it will provide a full length view. Buy an armoire to use for clothing and accessory storage. Armoires are available in many styles and sizes, and they can provide more than enough room for holding dress clothes, off season apparel and more.

Source: Personal and Professional Design and Decorating Experience

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