Unexpected Gifts

by on November 3rd, 2010
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Carol walked into the YWCA unaware of what her life was going to become. Her blonde hair was in a mess. She was full of despair from the abuse her husband had given her. Carol knew she needed to get away and the YWCA was the only place she knew she would be safe at.

Carol filled out paperwork and walked into the day room accompanied by a social worker with nothing but the very clothes on her back. For a week she stayed in those same clothes sleeping on a mat that was laid out onto the floor. Carol thought to herself at least she is warm and she is not hurting.

Carol felt so alone until she saw a bright spirited girl at the other end of the table. This young lady had long brown hair and dark green sparkling eyes. People around this lady appeared to call her Tibet. This Christmas tree had been set up in the day room and people were giving each other gifts. Tibet was making things to give to people.

When Carol’s eyes met Tibet’s, there was warmth that caused all the pain that she felt to melt away, unlike the heavy snow fall that lingered on the ground. One week later, Carol had gotten a book from the homeless shelter’s library it was called The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd.

“That is such a good book.” Tibet commented. Carol had no idea that Tibet was speaking to her. However, because Carol had an interest in certain books she looked up. When she did she found Tibet standing by her with an armload of pajamas, pants and warm shirts.

“I can relate to that story because I fell in love with a Buddhist monk.” Tibet admitted that her fall for this monk was wrong but that mistake had helped her gain wisdom and much needed determination to be the person that she is today. Tibet then continued to explain the items she was holding. “I noticed you only have one outfit and I took the liberty to go through my locker and give you some of my clothes. I hope it gives you a very Merry Christmas.”

Carol accepted the gifts. With arms full, she laid the gifts upon the table and then began to thank Tibet but she was gone. Carol looked through the clothes. There was a nice expensive Gucci blouse, a purse and some t shirts that were brand new. There were also guess jeans, sweat pants and even Victoria secret pajama pants. Carol had felt like she was the luckiest woman on earth.

Within Carol’s own purse, was this ancient wooden prayer wheel that had come from the country of Tibet. Carol pulled it out and walked through the hall trying to find Tibet.

In the day room, Tibet sat laughing with her friends like nothing had ever happened. Tibet never bragged about the kindness she had done. She just went on her day without the expectations of anything to be returned.

This struck Carol in a way that made her feel happy to know a person like Tibet. With joy in her heart, Carol approached Tibet prayer wheel in hand. Tibet looks up and smiles. “I hope you liked those.”She said in response to the beginning trickles of tears in Carol’s eyes. “Yes. I do” Carol responded. ” I would like you to have this in return for the clothes.”

Tibet responded with kindness. “I cannot accept a gift for something that I have given you.” Carol was taken aback. “that is kind but I feel you would use this more than me. ” Carol instantly pulled the prayer wheel from behind her back and handed it to Tibet.

“Oh my goodness!! It is a Mani Wheel!!! I have always wanted one of these. How did you know?”

Carol answered Tibet with the simplest answer she could find. “Your name is Tibet and this came from Tibet.”

Tibet laughed and hugged Carol. A friendship had developed from a simple act of kindness and this Christmas had been the best Christmas Tibet and Carol had ever experienced.

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