The Day the Fowers Fell

by on September 29th, 2014
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I remember that day as I heard the call

Ring loudly on the radio

As I sat in wonderment

Could this really happen at all

The broadcaster claimed that we had been attacked

On our very own soil

By terrorists none the less

Who look like someone we’d pass at the mall

Now we watch

Over shoulder and back

Wondering if our neighbors

May be the next to attack

Are they religious fanatics?

Or just lunatics

Practicing freedoms

In which they believe

Or are they the terrorists

That sleep beneath our feet

Remember not so long ago

A little thing called McCarthyism

Even then we feared what we could not see

What went on behind our neighbor’s door?

Or the communistic terror

That we fought overseas and on our own shores

The same continues to go on today

T’was us who let them in

We gave them political asylum

And made them our so called friends

One thing that we forget

We all came from the same mould

Some place in time there was one God

Who created all and then

Cast us from a heavenly garden

Where man brought chaos and sin

What seems so strange, we don’t know how

To live in peace my friend

We continue to fight

For what we think is right, until the very end

For all the Holy books speak of a time

When all the towers will fall

And for those who died, all we can do

Is give them praise for what they have done

And for those who fight against us

Place trust in God that no harm comes our way

And on the 11th we must remember those who have fallen

And those who have gone before

Fighting for the freedom and religious rights

That makes us who we are.

Now All We Can Do Is Pray

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