Recap: ‘Archer,’ Season 3, “Episode 2, ‘El Contador’

by on March 12th, 2015
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“Archer,” Season 3, “Episode 2, “El Contador” features an operation to snatch a drug kingpin from the middle of a South American jungle in order to earn ISIS a million dollar bounty from the DEA.

Mallory also institutes a drug test, which has unforeseen consequences.

Spoilers surely follow.

Lana points out during the briefing that the bounty would be better spent on rehabilitating drug addicts rather than fattening ISIS’ bank account. Mallory properly admonishes her for uttering socialist nonsense.

There are also some personnel changes. Ray is out as a field agent, due to his being paralyzed. Cyril, the accountant, is elevated to field agent, much to Archer and Lana’s distress.

Oddly, it turns out that Cyril has some natural ability. He can think fast, plan tactically, and has a capacity to BS that is awesome to behold. He managed to infiltrate the drug lord’s organization, pretending to be an auditor from the main boss, and is instrumental in rescuing Archer and Lana from being hunted down and killed. He does still lack the more rough and tumble ability of spy style combat, as Lana teaches him when he gets too big for his britches.

Meanwhile, the drug test is proving to be distressful for Pam, Cheryl, and Ray who all handle the stress of being employees of ISIS by being perpetually high. They make the serious mistake of trusting Krieger, an evil scientist and possibly the last survivor of “the Boys from Brazil.” Krieger sells them a drink that he claims will flush away the evidence of drug abuse from their system for $100 apiece. The drink is really a powerful hallucinogenic and part of a nefarious experiment by Krieger.

Pam, for instance, believes that Ray has become a transformer and is out to kill her. Ray thinks that Pam is melting into the floor. Cheryl is under the impression that the floor of the women’s room has become molten lava. Things get out of control when Pam escapes and Krieger has to have the exits sealed.

Sadly, the DEA denies ISIS the $1 million bounty. Archer, Lana, and Cyril forgot to ask for a receipt before turning him over. Is it any wonder that Mallory drinks too much?

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