Premeditated Insanity

by on March 7th, 2015
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A look across a room, a smile, a kiss, a tear, anger, rage…revenge.

He sat in the darkness, only the light of his laptop shining on the hatred in his eyes.

How dare they? How dare they? Don’t they know who I am? Don’t they see how smart I am?

I will show them, I am justified. I was pushed. It isn’t my fault. How dare they?

The cry of a newborn child, held tightly in loving arms. I will keep you safe always. Mommy loves you. How dare he? How dare he? Is he crazy? He doesn’t deserve us. He is his own worst enemy. How dare he?

He sits in the dark writing letter after letter from hotel rooms hundreds of miles away. You did this to me, you will never find me, but I will find you whenever I want. You persecute me? You want me to follow rules? I will show you the evil in my heart. I will make you scream, begging me to forgive you. You can’t stop me, I am the legend that people will speak of long after you and I are both gone. Nobody is coming for me, but I am coming for you.

She stays close to her family, the family who will protect her and the smile of the pure heart she holds tightly. This doesn’t happen to regular people. This happens in movies. But she is the smart one, not him. He underestimates her, thinks she sits crying in the shadows waiting for him to come. But he should be afraid, he is the one they are coming for.

It isn’t my fault, I am sick. I can’t control the anger. Wait, don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know how smart I am? I have a plan. Plans change, people aren’t always what you think they are.

He wasn’t so smart, she wasn’t sitting in the dark in fear.

He sits in the shadows, a cold dark cell. Listening to the cries in the dark. But they aren’t her cries, they are his.

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