Politics and Common Sense

by on October 27th, 2010
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There seems to be a disturbing affliction in politics in this modern age and in the no-so-modern age as well. It seems to afflict a good number of people, who dare to make their careers in what has commonly become known as the “beltway.” This affliction only seems to be found among those who are of the ruling class, or at least among those who have chosen to live their lives as public servants. I am referring, of course, to something that is usually found more commonly among the working class and everyday families and individual people all across this Country —- Good old-fashioned common sense.

There is, sadly, in this modern day age a real honest shortage of common sense; those who have any semblance of common sense and actually use it are truly blessed. However, in my older years, I am finding that education level to common sense ratio to be lower among those who are of the higher level of education class — classic example; Ron Paul.

I am of course referring to the issue of the newsletters that were published with Ron Paul’s name attached to them back in the 1990’s. It appears that again the liberal left and of course, the Wilsonian Neo-Conservative right are again bringing these newsletters to light — and rightly so. I have seen the contents of these newsletters for myself, as someone who did not grow up in what I like to call the “White Tidy” suburbs; but rather on the Southwest Side of Detroit, Michigan or as it is now commonly called the “inner city” or as I sometimes call it “The Ghetto.”

I was very appalled by what I read in those newsletters. I detest Multiculturalism; because Multiculturalism is liberal socialist code-speak for “Be ashamed that you are white.” However, my disdain of this liberal practice does not equate my hatred of any other race. This is why when I read those newsletters and saw what sort of bigoted filth was in them against blacks, Latinas and yes Jews. The little boy who grew up around many different sorts of ethnic backgrounds, in the City of Detroit, was quite angry that a man, much less a public elected official would allow such tripe in something attributed to him by name.

Whether or not the Newsletters were penned by Ron Paul or not is a non-issue to me. What is an issue to me is that Ron Paul never took the time to look at these newsletters to see what was in them. Again, this simply goes back to the thing I spoke of above — common sense. Ron Paul seems to have a lack of common sense. I believe that speaks of his character and judgment. Furthermore, the fact that he does fellowship with those of a bigoted mindset is telling of his personality. A perfect example, receiving donations from Don Black and David Duke who are the founders of the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront.org and former Klansmen — and not bothering to return said donations.

Again, this all goes back to the very thing that is lack amongst the political ruling class in this Country — Common Sense — and it is seriously lacking on Ron Paul’s part.

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