Making an Edible Garden on Your Roof

by on September 28th, 2010
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What’s on your roof? If you only have shingles on your roof, you could be missing a great opportunity. How about using the space for an edible garden spot? From potted fruit trees to vegetables or spice gardens, your roof could be the perfect place to go green and raise your own crops. Let me show you how.

• Protection from Pets

If you’ve been struggling with the family pet or neighborhood dog invading your garden, relocating it to a rooftop may be just the solution you need. Getting your garden out of the backyard and onto the roof also means it will be out of the way from some other critters of nature – like deer or bear if you live out in the woods.

But, if you’re looking for protection from animals that can climb, you’ll still have to use fencing or wire mesh – those little critters can get just about anywhere and, chances are, they’ll discover your garden spot even if it’s up high.

• Rooftop Locations

Unless you want to attach a ladder to the side of your house and climb up to tend and retrieve your edible plants, you’ll need a special rooftop location with reasonable access for your garden. If you’ve got a garage that adjoins the structure of your home, it’s a perfect gardening opportunity. Create direct access with a new door in a neighboring room that leads you right out to the rooftop.

Another possibility is to locate your garden on top of a utility shed that sits next to a sloping landscape. It’s just a different version of terrace gardening – extending it a rooftop.

One last alternative is to create a mini garden you can access outside a large window. Build a small, flat surface on an adjacent rooftop to place potted plants or cultivate an organic herb garden.

• Including a Greenhouse

If you want complete protection from the elements or all types of critters, you can always include a greenhouse in your rooftop garden – although it will take a larger budget and just the right location.

• Overhead Trellis Gardens

When we think of rooftop gardens, we may only picture a garden on a hard-surface roof. However, an overhead trellis is also a roof of sorts. Don’t neglect the possibility. Vine plants like grapes are perfect edibles to grow on a overhead trellis.

To see pictures and some of the inspiration for this article, check out the Gardens on the Roof ideabook on Houzz. You may just find a rooftop garden idea that would work in your home.

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