Interview with Sam Upton Currently Starring in “Gone”

by on January 8th, 2011
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Sam Upton recently took the time to sit down with the MovieRoomReviews team and discussed his current role as Officer McKay in the movie “Gone” in which he co-stars alongside actress Amanda Seyfried. Sam also delved into his passion for music in which he is pursuing a professional career as a jazz drummer.

1) Sam, you are getting ready for the release of your new movie “Gone”, can you tell us a little bit about the movie, working with Amanda Seyfried, and about your role as Officer McKay ?

Gone is a classic “who done it?” with some really cool horror/thriller elements as well. Amanda was such a pro — she came in on some days with entire pages of dialogue, and just knocked it out of the park. My character in the film is the quintessential arrogant pig cop… I’m out on the streets, trying to hunt Amanda down, arrest her, and put her away.

2) You had previously done “The Lincoln Lawyer” where you also played an officer alongside Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei, can you tell us about working with such a great cast and how this role affected your career?

What could be better than shooting a major motion picture with one of your best friends? (director Brad Furman) Not to mention, get a chance to go toe to toe with Matthew McConaughey? This was a huge step for me… I feel like Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks… I’m finally getting my shot, and making the most of it.

3) Did you enjoy working with Director Heitor Dhalia on “Gone”? How was he different than other directors you have worked with?

Heitor Dalia has such a fantastic sense for tempo and realism… he really captured Portland, Oregon. He is such a man of character and class as well. He doesn’t say much, but when he does… you listen!

4) Throughout your career you have done numerous television shows including: The Whole Truth, CSI, and Judging Amy. Is it hard to transition from Television into movies and do you prefer one or the other?

Acting is acting. I love it all.

5) In 2007 you wrote a short comedy called “Crunch time”, is writing something you see yourself doing more of in the future?

Absolutely. I aspire to be a multi-hyphenate as to the likes of George Clooney, Mark Walberg, and Peter Berg.

6) I saw that your wife Tracy Finger was also in “Crunch time”, is this where you two met? Do you two plan on working together again in the future?

HAHAHAH no. The way we met is a MUCH longer story than that… yes, we are currently working together on our SECOND most important project — our son! (Our most important project to date is our eighteen-month-old daughter, Eva Marie.

7) Besides acting, I saw you are a professional drummer. Your YouTube videos make me think that your style was influenced by Jazz greats like Buddy Rich, is that true? Is music something that you are still actively pursuing?

If you were to cut me, I think music would come pouring out of my veins… I grew up playing Jazz with my father, who is a world-class Jazz trumpet player. We have recorded a couple records together… and having the opportunity to perform and collaborate with him are some of the most prized moments in my life. I am always growing and maturing as a musician. I am currently studying with one of the baddest drummers in the west, Dave Elitch. He is a genius and happens to be one of my dearest friends as well.

8) Sam, what other future film, television, or music projects are you working on that our audience should get ready for?

I’ve got two things on the burner that I am not allowed to talk about…. the ink is still drying. I’m really excited about both those projects — when they happen, it’ll be kind of a big deal, so I’m really pumped!

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