Indoor Thanksgiving Day Activities for Children and Adults

by on March 9th, 2015
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Need an activity for children and adults while Thanksgiving dinner is cooking? Thanksgiving is a well-loved holiday, but the time needed for the meal to cook can go by slowly. Here are some indoor games and ideas to keep everyone busy and happy on Thanksgiving Day.

Scripture Game

Follow the clues and lookup the scripture verse to discover the Thanksgiving dinner menu item.


Clue #1: Make sure you have plenty of this for dinner. Psalms 78:27

Clue #2: Eat warm with lots of Clue #3. Jeremiah 36:25

Clue #3: Load up on these. Today is a feast. Isaiah 7:15

Clue #4: This will add color to your meal and hopefully be delicious too. Luke 6:1

Clue #5: If you are lucky, this food will be served in a pie. Matthew 7:17

Bonus #1: You will want to use these to eat your meal. 1 Samuel 13:21

Bonus #2: Set the table with these. Maybe skip the pure gold part though. Exodus 25:29

Bonus #3: Good manners go with the meal. Be sure to use this. Luke 19:20

Answer Key

Answer #1: Feathered fowls — turkey

Answer #2: Roll

Answer #3: Butter and honey

Answer #4: Corn

Answer #5: Fruit

Bonus Answer #1: Forks

Bonus Answer #2: Dishes, spoons and bowls

Bonus Answer #3: Napkin

Turkey still cooking? Need more activities?

Creative Drawing

Let them draw each item from the scripture game. Have them be creative giving personality to their drawings – let the food come to life! And certainly display these works of art on the refrigerator, so as you go to get leftovers the next day you can remember all the fun.

Food Pictionary

How about a game of food Pictionary? Let someone draw a Thanksgiving food while the others guess. Take turns and give clues as necessary. Keep it light and fun. Let the meal be the heavy part of the day.

Food Charades

Act out Thanksgiving foods? Why not. Be an ear of corn. A turkey who flaps its wings. Melt like butter. For an easier version of the game, use the list of items you found in the scripture game. That way everyone can use a process of elimination in guessing.

Source: “The Scriptures.”

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