Got Dust? Tips for a Dust-free Home

by on June 21st, 2013
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I hate dust, and it accumulates all over my home. You can see the little dust particles floating in the air when the sun peeks through the windows. Staying dust-free isn’t all too difficult, though it does take a little extra work. But all that added effort can leave your home without all that dust, and your sinuses will thank you for it!

If you keep items in your pantry in bags or containers, you can dust easier than just leaving your food items out in the open. Dusting is easier when you have containers or bads that you keep your pantry food items in, like canned goods or bagged pastas. The more items you keep in bags or containers, the easier it is to dust. In fact, I just leave like items in the grocery bag, loosely tied shut. Also, keep the panty floor clean, as well as all your closet floors, for easy vacuuming when you open the doors. All that clutter collects dust.

When you are done with clothing for the season, box or place garment covers over them. When they sit stagnant in the closet, they collect dust and create dust with the fibers shedding all throughout the rest of the year. Since they aren’t getting laundered regularly when they are not in season, you’re not getting that collected dust out of your clothes. Make some room and box up those clothes until next season arrives.

Regularly shake out rugs and couch and chair cushions. Do this once weekly, and you will be eliminating a lot of dust particles in the air. Another way to rid your home of dust is to vacuum your furnace filters, or replace them every season. That dust catches. Place filters in your heater vents as well that you shake out often to keep out dust in the winter time.

Change your bedding weekly. Dust and dander collects and spreads on that bedding, so launder and change out your bedding often, if not weekly. You can keep skin irritations at bay by changing out your bedding a lot, as well. Same goes for throws and blankets that you use often in the winter months.

Air out your home every now and then. Letting natural air into your home can help blow out a lot of those dust particles that are just gathering in your home. When you do dust, use a damp rag or a wet wipe rather than a duster so you an actually pick up dust rather than spread it around. It takes a little bit of effort, but having a dust-free home isn’t entirely impossible.


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