Fifteen More Inspirational Sayings and Quotes About Success and Failure

by on January 30th, 2011
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John C. Maxwell’s book “Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success” is a treasure trove of inspirational sayings and quotes about success and failure. I found I couldn’t just stop with one article. Here are fifteen more of the thought provoking quotes Maxwell has collected to enhance his book:

“Ninety percent of all those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” (Paul J. Meyer)

“Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility… In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to taken on responsibility.” (Michael Korda)

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of our responsibilities.” (Sir Josiah Stamp)

“Life is not simply holding a good hand. Life is playing a poor hand well.” (A Danish saying)

“A man is not defeated by his opponents but by himself.” (Jan Christiaan Smuts)

“Handicaps can only disable us if we let them. This is true not only of physical challenges, but of emotional and intellectual ones as well… I believe that real and lasting limitations are created in our minds, not our bodies.” (Roger Crawford)

“One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past.” (James Long)

“Failure is the greatest opportunity I have to know who I really am.” (John Killinger)

“We can change our whole life and the attitude of people around us simply by changing ourselves.” (Rudolf Dreikurs)

“All the significant battles are waged within the self.” (Sheldon Kopp)

“No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.” (Calvin Coolidge)

“A failure is a man who blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience.” (Elbert Hubbard)

“In science, mistakes always precede the truth.” (Horace Walpole)

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men whoever they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.” (G.K. Chesterton)

“If there is no wind, row.” (Latin proverb)

John C. Maxwell. Failing Foward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success

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